An Afternoon of Food in Los Angeles

    In L.A., the weather is warm, there are lots to do, and there is a food culture as diverse as its people. We spent an afternoon in the city of angels taking pictures and eating and drinking everything in sight.

    Food Trucks, Eating Under the Sun
    The best restaurant in town can hardly compare with eating outdoors. Indeed, the weather is what made food trucks so popular here – sun and fun comes with the dining experience. Whether you’re in the mood for Korean tacos or a sausage hoagie, there is a food truck for you. For current locations, check Twitter or Facebook.

    EX2F | 1/350s | f/1.8| 5mm | ISO 100
    EX2F | 1/350s | f 1.8| 5mm | ISO 100

    Fresh Fruit and Salads
    The year-round temperate climate also means year-round fruits and vegetables. You can hardly turn the corner without running into a store specializing in salads, whether it’s L.A.’s famous Cobb Salad or just an organic medley for the health-conscious. If you are still full from the food truck, check out one of the many farmers’ markets and have something light under a parasol.

    NX1000 | 1/40s | f/3.5| 24mm | ISO 400
    NX1000 | 1/40s | f 3.5| 24mm | ISO 400

    NX10 | 1/60s | f/2.2| 47mm | ISO 800
    NX10 | 1/60s | f 2.2| 47mm | ISO 800
    Mountains of fresh fruit in a farmers’ market

    Great Coffee in an Art Museum or Gallery
    Art museums and galleries are one of the many cultural venues the city has to offer. They provide a great setting for a cup of coffee, which is often a masterpiece itself.

    NX1000 | 1/8s | f/3.5| 20mm | ISO 800
    NX1000 | 1/8s | f 3.5| 20mm | ISO 800
    Using the NX1000’s sunset mode brings out the warmth of the coffee

    NX1000 | 1/8s | f/4.5| 35mm | ISO 800
    NX1000 | 1/8s | f 4.5| 35mm | ISO 800

    Stay tuned for the next time when we visit a city for food and drinks near you.

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