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    Back Up Pictures Wirelessly on a PC, the Web and Cloud Server (WB150F)

    Smart life with the smart camera

    With its 18x Optical Zoom, amazing detail from approx. 14.2 Mega pixels and Full Manual Mode, the WB150F is also possible to upload and back up photos and videos by Wi-Fi.
    Let’s enjoy taking smart and amusing photography with the WB150F. Below is a guideline to utilize auto backup function and cloud server wirelessly. Let’s learn about how-to.

    Using Auto Backup to send photos or videos

    You can send photos or videos that you captured with the camera to a PC wirelessly. The Auto Backup feature works only with the Windows OS.

    How to use Auto Backup
    If you use this function first time, connect the camera to the PC with the USB cable and install the Auto Backup program. (Just 1 time for 1 computer) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. And remove the USB cable and connect the camera to the PC again with the USB cable. The camera stores info about the PC, so that the camera can send files to the PC. To send photos and videos to a PC, follow the guideline.

    1. Rotate the mode dial to Wi-Fi
    2. Select the [Auto Backup]. If the guide message appears, press [OK]
    3. Press [MENU] to set options. To turn off your PC automatically after the transfer is complete, select Shut down PC after backup → ON.
    4. Press [OK] to start the backup. The backup’s progress will be shown on the PC monitor.

    Uploading photos to a cloud server

    You can upload your photos to SkyDrive. To upload photos, you must visit the Microsoft website and register before connecting your camera.

    1. Rotate the mode dial to Wi-Fi
    2. Select [Cloud]. You can change the uploading photo size by pressing [MENU], and then selecting Upload Image Size.
    3. Select SkyDirve. If the pop-up message that prompts you to create an account appears, select OK.
    4. Login with your ID and password.
    5. Scroll to the photos you want to upload, and then press [OK]
    6. Select OK. You can also upload photos to a cloud server nPlayback mode by pressing [MENU], and then selecting Share(Wi-Fi)

    Moreover, there’s no need to use the USB and memory card reader to share your photos or videos. You can just upload your images on Facebook, Picasa, Youtube with this Wi-Fi function.
    How is this smart and wireless function? Isn’t it cool?
    With the Wi-Fi menu of the WB150F, enjoy the smart life from now on!

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