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    Behind the Scene Stories of the NX Sample Videos

    Hello Samsung Camera Friends,

    How’s your summer so far? If you haven’t done anything fun, hope you all have fun during the rerst of the summer! Today, I would like to introduce Samsung SMART CAMERA NX sample videos recorded with different lenses. Pleaes check out the quality of the videos and enjoy the behind the cenes stories and the images.

    Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000
    - 20.3MP APS-C Sensor
    - 8 Frames Per Second
    - Instant Sharing via Wi-Fi
    - 1080P Full HD Stereo Movie Recording

    Sample Video List:
    - NX1000 with 60mm Macro Lens – Cat&Bird
    - NX1000 with 85/30mm Lens – Baby
    - NX20 with 16mm Lens – Oriental

    Hope you all enjoy watching it!

    NX1000 with 60mm Macro Lens – Cat&bird

    The Samsung NX 60mm/F2.8 lens specializes in Macro shots. It is perfect to express the details of the objects. Check out the cute cats & birds in the video.

    Samsung has also launched the NX60mm Macro lens. This lens features a Super Sonic Actuator (SSA) to deliver a fast and quiet Auto-Focus. It also has an Optical Image Stabilization so users can take perfect close-up shots.



    NX1000 with 85/30mm Lens – Baby

    The NX1000 with 85/30mm lens is the world’s first ultra-fast F/1.4 compact system camera lens. With a supersonic actuator for a silent and fast auto-focus and a fast aperture of F/1.4 for superb rendering, it lets you produce professional-quality, high-resolution portraits.

    With 30mm fixed focal length and maximum aperture of F/2.0, you can create exceptionally bright images — even in low-light situations like indoor weddings and parties.



    NX20 with 16mm Lens – Oriental

    The NX16mm F2.4 is a light, compact Ultra Wide Pancake Lens. The bright aperture of this lens helps to capture wider images even in low light, and delivers a shallow depth of field. Its ultra wide angle is ideal for taking landscape shots and deep perspective images.

    Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, up close or far away, wherever you are and whatever you want to capture, the NX series is perfect. Beside the lenses we introduced today, there are more awesome lenses. If you would like to see more details, click HERE. Whatever your shot is, Samsung lenses deliver perfect pictures with brilliant simplicity.



    Behind the Scenes Images






    Whatever your shot is, Samsung lenses deliver perfect pictures with brilliant simplicity.

    Thank you all for reading this post of the behind the scenes for the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000 sample videos!

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