Capturing Your Baby’s Sweetest Dreams – NX1000


When it comes to adorable pictures, few outrank sleeping babies and pets. Here are some tips for taking pictures that will elicit some oohs and aahs.

1.  Turn off your flash
In most low-light conditions, a flash can be your friend. When shooting sleeping babies and pets, it can backfire, waking your sleeping baby or scaring off your pet. Turn the flash off and compensate for it with other sources of lighting, either by opening a curtain for natural lighting or by turning on a soft light, like a lamp.

If that still isn’t enough light to get the exposure you’re after, you can easily adjust the white balance on your camera. On the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000, for example, you can adjust the white balance to the kind of light available, be it Daylight, Incandescent, or Fluorescent.

NX 1000 | 1/125s | F4.5 | 33mm | ISO 1600
NX 1000 | 1/125s | F4.5 | 33mm | ISO 1600
 A kitten dreaming kitten dreams

 2.  Minimize any background
Some subjects speak for themselves, others need a supporting cast. Sleeping babies, puppies, and kittens belong among the former. Don’t steal their thunder by cluttering up the picture with extraneous toys or objects. Empty space is good.

If you do find yourself in a situation where there’s a lot going on in the frame, consider using a Smart Filter. The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000 offers 10 types of Smart Filters, including Vignette and Miniature. These filters, to different extents, will leave the periphery out of focus, drawing attention to the subject. In this case, your adorable loved one.

NX1000 | 1/10s | f/4 | 40mm | ISO 1600
NX1000 | 1/10s | f/4 | 40mm | ISO 1600
Leaving the periphery out of focus highlights the subject

3.  Explore the nonobvious
There is a natural temptation to focus exclusively on your baby or pet’s face, and rightfully so. It’s cute. But other precious memories may reside elsewhere. The grasping reflex of those pudgy fingers, for instance. The tiny feet that took those first steps. Or those oversized, clumsy puppy dog paws. Don’t limit yourself to the obvious shots.

NX 1000 | 1/40s | F4 | 36mm | ISO 200
NX 1000 | 1/40s | F4 | 36mm | ISO 200
Sweet dreams

Have any adorable shots that you want to share? Upload them to the Samsung Camera and Samsung NX Facebook page.

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  • alan says:

    Amazing!! Thank you for your good information

    • Jodie says:

      Happy to hear this post helped you:)

      • alan says:

        you’re welcome!!

  • sue says:

    what a cute little cat!!! Lovely :)

    • Jodie says:

      Thanks, Sue!

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