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Chapter 12: Recoleta Cemetery Part I


Hey there! How is it going? I haven’t had much time lately. But i’m back! (not that someone is going to be happy anyway :P) Today’s photos are from the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s like a small city with lots of “streets” and amazing creepy gloomy art. Strange place to take pictures you may think, but I can assure you it’s totally worthy…

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Chapter 11 : Z ¼rich


So, Switzerland is my new home and i was out there shooting with my Samsung to show you all a bit of it. I’ve started working for a newspaper, among other stuff, so i haven’t had much time to post something earlier. Sorry about that! Z ¼rich is a very very nice city…

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Chapter 10: Berlin


Hey there! Long time no see :) Anyway, I’m back, not that any of you were waiting for me, but hey… I like lying to myself. Anyway, as you may now I’m argentine and I’ve lived my whole life in Argentina. Well, until past may when I moved to Switzerland. Fact is, i had to go and get my Visa in Berlin…

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Chapter 9 : Rio de Janeiro


Hello There! When I started blogging for Samsung I was still living in my beautiful Argentina. Life brought me to Switzerland where I’ll stay for some time. But…. before coming here [Wetzikon, Z ¼rich], Natalie and I we went to R ­o de Janeiro for one week…

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Chapter 8: Shooting People


Don’t worry, only with the camera :) All shots taken in Buenos Aires…

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Chapter 7: Faces of Buenos Aires


First of all, the devil with curls. Having the front screen is amazing. Some funny guy I met on the street. He is wearing a Racing Club t-shirt. It’s an Argentine club. The t-shirt is very similar to the national team t-shirt. Diego and Eva. I met them on the street…

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Chapter 6: El Ateneo Grand Splendid book store.


One of the highlights of Buenos Aires is this awesome book store.
On January 11th 2008, the British newspaper The Guardian published a ranking with the most outstanding book stores in the world. El Ateneo Grand Splendid was ranked second. The first five places on this list are the following: 1- Boekhandel Selexys Dominicanen [Maastricht, Holland] 2- El Ateneo Grand Splendid [Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina]

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