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[CES 2013] New NX300 Camera Features Retro Design


Samsung Camera’s newest retro-and-modern mirror-less camera was unveiled at the world’s largest home appliances exhibition, CES 2013, captivating many camera lovers’ imagination. Samsung Electronics created the NX300 based on a careful analysis of the strengths of Samsung SMART CAMERA NX200. The NX300 features a soft metallic black and brown body, with colors and design reminiscent of its analog heritage.

1_Samsung_NX300 Camera with Retro Design

The NX300 offers consumers the latest technological advances as well as a familiar look. To hear the story behind it all, Samsung Electronics LiVE visited with the design team.

Keywords – ‘Modern Retro Design’
Many people in our fast-changing and busy society tend to reflect on how different their lives were in the past. Nostalgia seems to be a regular trend in design and fashion. The proper term for the trend is ‘Retro’. Retro does not mean just bringing back the look of yesteryear, but combines the past and modern designs to create new fashion. The look of the NX300 was born with a focus solely on reinterpreting ‘Retro design’

2_Samsung_NX300 Camera with Retro Design

*Inshik Kim (Senior Designer, Design Group)“The NX200 and NX300 essentially have the same design. But the NX300 offers a more retro accent to the design! All of our designers worked hard to come up with the retro concept. Everyone on the team agreed that the design we chose for the NX300 will be a big hit with consumers. That’s why I have such confidence in the result!”

However, the designers did face some challenges in applying retro design to the NX300, because they wanted to create a design that reminded camera lovers of the analog camera while maintaining Samsung Camera’s modern characteristics and features.

 3_Samsung_NX300 Camera with Retro Design

*Kenji Yamauchi (Principal Designer, Design Group)“We approached our last product, the NX200, with a futuristic design concept, whereas with the NX300 we focused on combining the past and the future. The result achieves the integration of the latest camera technologies with a design that offers comfort and familiarity that stirs the passion of camera buffs.”

Samsung Electronics is debuting the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX300 with the newest IT technology and the feel of analog retro design. The NX300 designers considered consumers’ needs in the process of creating the camera. Recently in Japan, China and other Asia markets, a preference for ‘retro design’ has emerged.

Focusing on the consumer
*Inshik Kim (Senior Designer, Design Group)“Honestly I think a designer is really a mediator, because we gather feedback from all different departments and consolidate the ideas to come up with the final product. Throughout this process, the designer pursues the proper balance, constantly modifying and creating mock-ups. This was exactly how the NX300 was born.”

The designers approached the NX300 with a slightly different perspective than the identity that Samsung is widely known for.

*Kenji Yamauchi (Principal Designer, Design Group): “The camera has a long history. But through it all, there is an unchanging consumer appreciation. And as designers, we can never overlook our consumers’ expectations.”

4_Samsung_NX300 Camera with Retro Design

Therefore, taking into consideration that cameras need to produce quality results and that they need to meet the consumers’ expectations, the designers put all their efforts into the NX300. At the end of the process, the NX300 was introduced at CES 2013 with an amazing ‘retro design’ that features all the requirements of a modern optical masterpiece.

Designers’ episodes!
*ChangSin Cho (Senior Engineer, Design Group)“To finalize and present the product to consumers, teamwork among all the designers is imperative. We have a system in which all the departments participate in creating new products. For the NX300, we created more than 30 mock-up products with different concepts.”

5_Samsung_NX300 Camera with Retro Design

With the NX300, the designers overcame practical challenges because the features and functions of the camera kept changing even after the final design had been decided.

*Joohyung Lee (Senior Designer, Design Group) said: “The design team tried to create the perfect product for our customers and that is exactly why we had so many concerns until the final moment. Thankfully, the NX300 design evolved over time, of course, in a good way. It is the designer’s job to create the design that best complements the product’s features and functions.”

Unlike previous products, designers claim that they feel especially attached to the NX300 and that it is definitely a special product.

*ChangSin Cho (Senior Engineer, Design Group)“The NX300 is almost like my child. I feel so attached to it. It’s just like the feeling I get when my daughter gets applause after a great performance at a talent show. I really want consumers to love the NX300!”

 The design team reflected: “That is exactly why I chose to be a designer!”

6_Samsung_NX300 Camera with Retro Design

Finally, all of the designers sent their special thanks to all the departments that were involved in the creation of the NX300, saying, We expressed the NX200’s identity in the NX300. Therefore, the creation of the NX300 was the result of all the hard work from past and current product creators, product marketers, developers, and product designers.”


Product of imaging designers’ hard work: NX300

 7_Samsung_NX300 Camera with Retro Design 

The NX300 has the foremost features and functions among the whole NX series. With the new image handling engine and the improved sensor for AF applications, the ‘processing’ errors in the continuous shot mode that cropped up in the former model were fixed completely. With the addition of an upgraded contrast AF sensor, the camera shutter response is much faster.

And due to the faster shutter speed, it is possible to take pictures almost as fast as things move in real life. The AMOLED screen is a lot bigger at 3.31 inches, which allows users to enjoy photography even more. Furthermore, with the tilt display, it is possible to shoot from any angle, which was a challenge with the former model.

8_Samsung_NX300 Camera with Retro Design

Comments (9)

  • daniel says:

    love the design.

    • Jodie says:

      Thanks, Daniel!

  • eahkdlsa says:

    I like the black one.

    • Jodie says:

      Thanks, Eahkdlsa!

  • Mary says:

    Cool desbign! Hoping to be selected to the Samsung Jamaica Jr. Project and win this camera!!!!

    • Jodie says:

      Thanks, Mary!
      Good luck to you :)

      • mary says:

        Hi Jodie, Is there anyway you can explain the dates for the winner of the project contest. I was really confused. On the one page it had May 8-11, 2013 (I thought maybe this was the selection period but another contestant thought it was the dates for the winner to go to Jamaica. In the rules/regulations Terms E.1 THE PRIZE= 8/5/13-11/5/13 but only paid 3 nights, 4 days. Would the winner have to stay the whole 3 mos. and pay for the rest of the trip? Or would they just stay 3 days sometime within the 3 month period? I believe it said there would be 5 winners. Thanks.

      • Jodie says:

        Hi, Mary!
        The trip is from May 8-11, 2013.

      • Mary says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. Can you let them know I am not interested because I leave on an alaskan cruise on May 11, 2013 so I won’t be able to accept. Maybe there will be another opportunity in the future–it sounded like a really neat idea. Thanks.

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