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    Document a year of your life with Project 365

    Samsung GALAXY Camera | 1/60s | f/3.4 | 9.2mm | ISO 400

    Samsung GALAXY Camera| 1/50s | f/3.6 | 11.4mm | ISO 400

    Samsung GALAXY Camera | 1/40s | f/4.1 | 5mm | ISO 160

    If you’re looking for a cool way to integrate photography into your daily life, Project 365 is a fun way to take great pictures and capture wonderful memories. The premise behind this project is to take 365 photos (one for every day of the year) to view your life in a whole new way. With all of the deadlines and commitments we need to meet on a day to day basis, many people are left feeling like their lives are flashing before their eyes. If you are in the same mindset, grab your Samsung SMART CAMERA and commit yourself to making a change. For the next year, each day, you will take one picture of something or someone that makes that day memorable. When you take your last photograph, you will be amazed as you look back at the different experiences you’ve had in such a short amount of time.

    Why should you do it?
    According to The Next Web, there are many meaningful reasons why people choose to embark on this photographic journey. These include:

    - You will have a visual recording of a year of your life that will endure forever
    - You will see a vast improvement in your photography skills from all of the practice
    - You will become a more observant person, because being limited to only one photograph a day will require you to look more closely at the world around you to make sure that each day’s photograph is the best it can be
    - You could unexpectedly capture a masterpiece that you will be really proud of
    - You will learn more about your camera and start to respect it for all that it is capable of doing in terms of light, composition, and shooting speed
    - You will have an entertaining look at your relationships, accomplishments, and haircuts that helped shape the year

    How to get started
    The best way to start a Project 365 adventure is to bring your camera with you everywhere you go. Compact models like the Samsung SMART CAMERA MV900F make a great camera for this project because they do not have the same large size and weight of DSLR cameras. Once you’ve gotten into the habit of grabbing your camera along with your phone, wallet and keys each time you leave your house, remember the following things:

    - Don’t put too much pressure on yourself: By nature, every day of your life will not be extremely eventful, so it is not crucial to always take a perfect or interesting picture. If you are not feeling your best and end up spending the day on the couch, it’s ok to document that and take a picture of your feet in front of the TV screen. If you’re out and about and nothing catches your eye, you can take a picture of a pretty flower or cute dog you see on the street.

    - Post your picture at the end of the day: When you take a picture you’re really proud of, you may be tempted to post it online early in the day so everyone can see it, especially because it is so easy to take and share pictures with the Samsung SMART CAMERAs’ Wi-Fi capabilities. However, you should try to hold off until nighttime. Regardless of how much you love your picture, you never know what else you will see that may speak to you even more.

    - Try to tell a story: While Project 365 is mainly a photography project, it never hurts to write a descriptive paragraph to go along with each photo. If you are sharing your images through social media, a short excerpt about where and when you took the picture, as well as what it means to you or why it is relevant to your life, can help get your friends and family excited and engaged in your daily posts.

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