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Firmware Updates for the NX200 (ver.1.04)


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has updated the new firmware (ver. 1.04) for the NX200. The firmware upgrades will better the product performance. Let’s follow the guideline below.

Firmware Update 1.04_NX200

Firmware Version Information: 1.04

Major improvements

1) The reduced RAW file size (approximately up to 25% of the last version)

- Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 6.7 Update supports the reduce RAW file.

2) AF accuracy and its speed is improved.

Before upgrading the firmware

1) Make sure you use fully charged batteries.

“» If camera malfunction is caused during a firmware upgrade for the reasons given above, the mainboard may have to be serviced by a Samsung service centre, which may result in major repair charges.

2) Before upgrading the firmware, make sure that you format the memory card on your PC or camera and then download the necessary firmware file.

3) Download the firmware file into the root directory of the memory card.

4) Do not operate the camera, remove the batteries, or cut the power while upgrading firmware. Operate the camera only after the firmware upgrade is complete.

How to upgrade firmware?

1) Download the firmware file into the root directory of the SD memory card.

2) Insert the SD card on which the firmware file is to be saved.

3) Press the menu button.

4) Move to “Setup Menu 3″ (Press the left button of 4-wat key.)

5) Select the “Firmware Update”

(After pressing the left button of 4-way key, press the OK button for 1 time.)

Firmware Update 1.04_1

6) Select the “Body Firmware”. (Press the OK button for 1 time)

Firmware Update 1.04_2

7) Select “Yes”. (After pressing the down button of 4-way key, press the OK button for 1 time.)

Firmware Update 1.04_3

8) The upgrading progress bar will be increased, then after finishing it, camera will turn off

Firmware Update 1.04_4

“» Should you need further detailed information, or if you experience difficulty in upgrading firmware, do not proceed with the process on your own. Visit a Samsung service center near you.

“» If the firmware upgrade is not completed successfully, Remove the battery and re-insert then the firmware upgrade will start again.

To download the file for the NX200’s firmware upgrades, please visit  this site and download it. Thank you!

Firmware Update 1.04_5

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  • CommonSense says:

    Hi Guys

    since the RAW file after upgrade is reduced up to 25 percent, does the quality get also reduced?

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