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Hot News! IFA 2011


Today  IFA 2011, one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics exhibitions, has begun at Messe Berlin, Germany. We would like to deliver the hottest news from Berlin to you all!

ifa samsung 01 Hot News! IFA 2011ifa samsung 02 Hot News! IFA 2011

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., one of the biggest participants at  IFA 2011, unveiled its newest electronic devices.)

ifa samsung 03 Hot News! IFA 2011ifa samsung 05 Hot News! IFA 2011

As we reported yesterday,  Samsung Digital Imaging announced the launch of the latest additions at IFA:  the Samsung MultiView MV800,  Samsung NX200, and  the WB750. If you want to know more specifications of these brand new products, please click the product name you want.

ifa samsung 09 Hot News! IFA 2011Samsung MultiView MV800

ifa samsung 08 Hot News! IFA 2011

Samsung NX200

In the Samsung Digital Imaging booth, the 60mm Macro Lens, 16mm Pancake Lens, HMX-Q10, SH100,  and  the 2View cameras  were also displayed. We could see spectators who were looking around the brand new products lit by the spotlight or asking about them with great interest.

ifa samsung 06 Hot News! IFA 2011ifa samsung 07 Hot News! IFA 2011

As for the pictures of Messe Berlin, variety of events, Berlin lifestyle, etc., please  check out  our Flickr,  Samsung Digital Imaging‘s Facebook, and  NX‘s Facebook.


*The IFA trade show (also known as Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) for consumer electronics is not only one of Berlin’s best-known trade fairs, it is also the oldest. As early as 1924, 242 exhibitors were already presenting their goods at IFA. They will be showing the latest trends in consumer electronics.

Comments (2)

  • Common Sense says:

    This suggestion is for Samsung marketing department.
    Samsung !!!!!!!!!!!!! try to learn something from Sony. Please provide customers with flexible kit lens option.
    1/ NX200 + 20-50
    2/ NX200 + 16
    3/ NX200 + 18-55
    4/ NX200 + 3 pancakes.
    many months ago I wrote to samsung:
    please make your pancakes UNIFORM design so you could sell them as a set of 3 pancakes. Of’course Samsung did not listen. Now each pancake looks different and is made from different material.
    Samsung try hard to understand. I already HAVE ONE KIT ZOOM 18=55 and I do not need another KIT ZOOM 18-55. PLEASE be a good sport and provide me DEMOCRATIC option to choose for MY MONEY some other lens. Please !!!!!!!

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