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    Just like a scene from a movie – NX Story



    We go traveling to get familiar with unfamiliar places. Traveling to an unfamiliar place produces more excitement than fear. History, culture and people on the streets alike become passionate companions to the traveler. Traveling to a place whose name is enough to fill up one’s emotions. A dramatic commercial of a lady and a man who come across each other and Samsung Smart Camera


    NX Story

    The encounter of the two, which started in a rocking train, continues with the camera lens. Coming from different life patterns, different thoughts and perspectives, the camera in their hands provides a common ground for the two. A mysterious attraction between the two is also mirrored in the camera lens.


    The commercial was filmed in different parts of Hungary is a festival of fancy colors. The NX lens illustratively captured the local history, culture and lifestyle.



    Before we dive into the behind the scenes of it, check out the concept of this beautiful film. Here’s a short message from the director.

    The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX Story introduces the 20.3 megapixels NX20, NX1000 and NX210 Samsung Smart Cameras with built-in Wi-Fi. We wanted to show you all the amazing features of the NX cameras without boring you with the standard product demos. Therefore, we created a short online movie about those serendipitous moments in life when happiness finds you, when you least expect it. We hope you enjoy this film as much as we did creating it!
    Directed by Jean-François HENSGENS

    *Jean-François HENSGENS’s Features
    One Family (2011) ㅣ Dark Tide (2010) ㅣ District 13 ultimatum (2008) ㅣ Go fast (2007)

    More features of Jean-François HENSGENS, please visit here.

    Behind the scenes of the NX Story


    The first scene of the shooting, which started early in the morning, was at a train station. The two main characters in this dramatic commercial are on stand-by. The weather was a bit chilly that day, but the set was filled with enthusiasm and heat. So, this is the scene of the train station where the two characters first meet each other.


    What’s fun about commercial shooting is working closely with the local staff. You get to observe the extravagant Hungarian architecture and the various facets of people on the streets. The female actress is busy taking photos with the NX1000 while on stand-by.



    Sometimes, making a film is more fun than watching it. A vivid illustration of the staff at the shooting scene until the NX story was complete, making film offers glimpses of the NX Story yet untold. The exciting atmosphere, fun scenes as a result of close co-work, various facial expressions of the actors are all must-sees!


    Shoot, store and send to your taste! – Wi-Fi SMART CAMERA


    Amazing functions of NX in the commercial you should not miss out on!
    Samsung SMART CAMERA NX Series has a built-in Wi-Fi. As the commercial shows, you can easily and quickly share pictures, either through SNS, e-mail or other means. Shoot, store and instantly share! Check out its cool features through the commercial.


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    Hope you guys enjoy the NX Story.

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