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    Murad Osmann showcases his view of the world in the beautiful “Follow Me To” picture series

    Samsung GALAXY Camera | 1/1250s | f/7.1 | 4.1mm | ISO 100

    Samsung GALAXY Camera | 1/1250s | f/4.5 | 4.1mm | ISO 100

    Samsung GALAXY Camera | 1/100s | f/5.5 | 57mm | ISO 100

    When you go on vacation, odds are you’ll bring a compact digital camera, like the Samsung GALAXY Camera, along with you to help document your journey. Russian photographer Murad Osmann has taken a new, personal twist on travel photography in his beautiful series entitled “Follow Me To.”

    The photographs feature Osmann’s girlfriend, Nataly Zakharova, leading him by hand through some of the world’s most exciting cities. Each image is taken from Osmann’s perspective and shows his hand clasping Zakharova’s, as though she is literally dragging him through their travels, but her face is never revealed.

    A work of art
    According to The Daily Mail, Osmann became inspired when he and his girlfriend traveled to Barcelona. As he continually stopped and tried to take pictures of everything, she became annoyed and grabbed his hand to pull him along. He kept taking the photographs while she was pulling him, and realized that it would generate a cool photography project.

    “For me photography is about capturing things other people might miss,” Osmann said. “It’s a way to communicate, a way to bring images that I hold in my mind to the surface. I want others to look at my work and see beyond the obvious – to explore the imaginary world I have created.”

    The idea has spurred a series of images in locations including Hong Kong, Bali, Singapore, Moscow, Disneyland, Berlin, London and Ravello. The globe-trotting couple has created dozens of images since the project began in October 2011, and recently, has gained an enormous following on the internet.

    Using your Samsung SMART CAMERA, you can easily use Osmann’s technique to capture stunning photographs of your travels. Fans have begun to copy the idea on popular websites such as Reddit, and if you’d like to give it a try, the most important step you can take is shooting with a wide angle lens.

    A great technique
    For a project of this nature, the subject is just as important as the background. The principle idea behind the images is Zakharova leading him around the world, so seeing the world through this particular viewpoint is an integral part of the series. Had Osmann decided to focus in on the image of his forward facing girlfriend clasping his hand and cut out the rest of the frame, the only indication we’d have of the changing scenery would be Zakharova’s outfits. When you take pictures in this style, try to feature your subject in the center of the image with prominent aspects of the landscape surrounding him or her so viewers will be able to gauge where they were taken.

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