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    You can discover a variety of photos online, some with truly unique colors and effects that catch yo

    SH100ㅣ1/350sㅣf/4.4ㅣ15.4 mmㅣISO 80SH100ㅣ1/350sㅣf/4.4ㅣ15.4 mmㅣISO 80

    An ordinary clock done in warm colors

    DV300Fㅣ1.8sㅣf/2.5ㅣ4.5 mmㅣISO 400DV300Fㅣ1.8sㅣf/2.5ㅣ4.5 mmㅣISO 400

    The ‘Vintage Effect’ lends an old-fashioned and emotional feel

    These pictures capture an ordinary clock tower and a typical street scene, but in an extraordinary and atypical way. Our eyes linger because of their warm colors. Their secret is their ‘Vintage Effect,’ which gives them an old-fashioned and emotional feel.

    The term ‘vintage’ originally referred to a quality of good wine, a fruit of the vine. Today the term refers to something ‘old but good’ or ‘newly old-fashioned.’ It has also been recognized as an artistic genre unto its own. Here are some tips on how to take attractive vintage photos.

    How do Samsung Smart Filters make vintage photos so attractive?
    Most vintage pictures are retouched with dedicated filters, either using camera lenses themselves or using photo editors such as Photoshop. But Samsung Smart Filters instantly help produce vintage images, eliminating any need for retouching. Take a look at some of pictures taken using filters built into Samsung SMART cameras.

    • Vignetting – This filter darkens the edges, highlighting the center.
      Focus is drawn to the subject, creating an unusual look and feel. Vignetting is easily the most used filter.

    SH100ㅣ1/45sㅣf/3.3ㅣ4.9 mmㅣISO 200SH100ㅣ1/45sㅣf/3.3ㅣ4.9 mmㅣISO 200

    In this picture, a light source seems to be emanating from the center, reminding us of a tunnel.
    That’s why a vignetting effect is sometimes called ‘tunnel effect’


    PL211ㅣ1/250sㅣf/5.6ㅣ36.2 mmㅣISO 100PL211ㅣ1/250sㅣf/5.6ㅣ36.2 mmㅣISO 100

    Focus is drawn to the subject, creating an unusual look and feel. Like this quiet sea

    • Miniature – This filter makes one area clear, while leaving the rest blurry.
      With this filter, images tend to look like toys, hence the name Miniature.

    ST700ㅣ1/4sㅣf/3.3ㅣ4.8 mmㅣISO 400ST700ㅣ1/4sㅣf/3.3ㅣ4.8 mmㅣISO 400

    The ‘Miniature’ filter evoking  vivid memories, distant and old

    The Miniature filter can help produce vintage pictures without changing brightness. The top and bottom areas of the photo are blurred – making for a surreal background – as if evoking some vivid memories among many distant and old.

    • Old Film – This filter is used to turn modern photos into old looking, black-and-white ones.

    SH100ㅣ1/180sㅣf/5.2ㅣ11.2 mmㅣISO 800SH100ㅣ1/180sㅣf/5.2ㅣ11.2 mmㅣISO 800

    An Old Film filter rendering in black and white

    The Old Film filter can transform both tones and colors at the same time, creating vintage photos not unlike those taken with old film cameras. Sparse scratches also add to the effect.

    •  Fish eye – This filter produces strong hemispherical image
      like how a fish would see from beneath the water.

    PL210ㅣ1/45sㅣf/5.1ㅣISO 320PL210ㅣ1/45sㅣf/5.1ㅣISO 320

    The unique view from inside the fishbowl

    In addition to these, Samsung SMART CAMERAs have other interesting filters. Soft Focus, Sketch, Defog, Half-Tone Dot and Negative are available to enrich your photos and give them emotional appeal. Not sure which emotions to tap? The best way to find out is simply to try them out. Look around, apply a Smart Filter, and start to unlock those hidden memories.

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