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    New eyes for the world, Samsung NX10 -Part 1-

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    New eyes for the world

    Why Capture? Create!

    I’ve been waiting for long to see the new lens interchangeable type camera from  Samsung. And now, I’m so happy to see it. When I pushed the shutter for the first time, I felt something special. Samsung is the world first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera  with the APS-C sensor. This has drastically reduced the distance between the  mount and the sensor. This camera is only the beginning of a evident Samsung evolution.


    Evolution of Camera NX10 having APS-C as a heart

    When the consortium between Panasonic and Olympus released a hybrid system for the first time, I thought I made a lot of sense. Even though there were some complains, it was beyond my expectation for the camera to have movie recording, a sensor having good image quality, slim body, great lenses, and quick shot function. And in 2008,  Samsung also announced that they would develop cameras similar to Micro Four Thirds.  Samsung has now finished their work and they have developed both a new mount and lenses for the new line of cameras. Through their lens technology and all the know-how, they have given birth to the Evolution of Cameras  NX10.  Samsung is now threatened by the other brands and products similar to this camera like the Micro Four Thirds.   So please remember this camera is truly something special, and next evolution of cameras and not just a hybrid of ideas.


    Great combination of Compact digital cameras and DSLRs

    As time goes by, everyone wants the same things a small, convenient, and high quality camera. A smaller one is definitely more popular than heavy one, if they have the same functions. Especially, in these days, out focus images and interchangeable lenses are more for women, I think.

    The NX10 has a nice combination of additional functions of compact digital cameras and image quality of DSLRs. Great but Large DSLR, small but insufficient Compact digital cameras. Now we have the NX10 having everything such as a compact body, convenient interface, HD movie recording, free lenses, DSLR image quality, and compensations.


    New mount standard Samsung NX, 14.6M APS-C CMOS large sensor

    Samsung has designed everything based on their sensor. They have eliminated the mirror has drastically reduce the size of the camera.The thickness of the body is almost the same as Micro Four Thirds and it also has avery quick AF speed. Moreover, the performance of the new lens from Samsung is quite good. Of coarse they need to develop some more lenses for the NX10, but considering the compact body concept, 30mm F2.0 pancake, 18-55 OIS, and 50-200 OIS are enough for a beginning.

    High Performance lens interchangeable type camera with Samsung’s Intensive technology

    The  NX10 is not a popularized model. The next setup has not been released yet, but there will be more various accessories for sure. The  NX10 has 920K pixels Electronic View Finder with good grip. Its body concept is similar to the GH1 from Panasonic, but it has a smaller body and sensor.


    As you know by the specifications, it supports Beauty Shot, Smart Auto, and HD video recording mode in H.264 format. It also has 3″  AMOLED, 0.86x 920K pixels Electronic View Finder, Full Manual Shot, and Contrast AF moving up to 195 points,

    So, by the specifications, it could be either a compact camera or a lens interchangeable camera. That means the  NX10 is a great camera for everyone. Anyway, now I’m going to take a closer look at the mirrorless interchangeable lens cameraNX10 with the APS-C.



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NX10 review


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