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    Photography Aids in Self-Expression and Learning

    NX11 | .01s | f/2.0 | 30mm | ISO 125

    NX11 | .001s | f/5.6 | 18mm | ISO 100

    SH100 | 1/190s | f/3.8 | 6.6mm | ISO 100

    For some, photography is a stress release and a way of capturing the world around them. What many don’t associate with taking pictures, however, is healing. Photography recently helped a teen who struggled with behavioral issues and bullying his peers.

    Josh Slesak, a Greek teen, was one of four students who bullied bus monitor Karen Klein last June. The bullying incident was captured on video and went viral all over the world. People from all walks of life were expressing sympathy for Klein and even donated more than $700,000.

    Slesak certainly was not let off the hook for his poor decision. He was transferred to the district’s new re-engagement center, which is an alternative institution for kids who struggle with things like attendance, behavioral issues or the traditional learning setting. Since the incident, Slesak and the other students involved in the bullying took part in a project through the SNAP Foundation. This organization, led by Edward Gartz, helps children develop self-expression and learning through the powers of photography.

    The educational program directly impacts approximately 80,000 kids each year and touches more than 500,000 people annually. This national and international program serves more than 450 schools in the United States and works with community organizations in numerous countries worldwide.

    This photography program worked with Slesak and other students at the re-engagement center on a project circled around bullying. The students took photographs of themselves, things they enjoy, people in their lives and anything else that they felt was deserving of a picture or worth celebrating. Through these pictures, they learned about their differences and even wrote about their own experiences of being bullied and the impact that such incidents can have on a person. Slesak learned from the project, saying that it taught him about little decisions and how they can often make the biggest impact on someone’s life.

    So grab your Samsung GALAXY Camera and snap a few photos. With a compact camera, you may just be able to influence your life along with others.

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