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    Refresh Your Body And Spirit for The New Year

    After a long, hard run, 2012 has come to an end. A chance at a new beginning is here. What plans do you have for the coming year? To start 2013 out in the right frame of mind, why don’t you take some time to refresh and recharge yourself? Today, I’d like to introduce three ways to refresh the body and spirit with the help of the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000 - a night out, a shopping trip, and a concert.

    Clubbing to roll with the rhythm
    After constantly dealing with the daily grind, there are times when you really want to break away from the routine. Clubbing is a huge stress reliever. The upbeat tempo coupled with the humor of the DJ can really sweep you up in the atmosphere.

     NX1000 | 1/20s | F/3.5 | 33mm | ISO 800
    NX1000 | 1/20s | F/3.5 | 33mm | ISO 800

    Clubbing is always more fun if you enjoy it with others. Once you are there, however, in the middle of the dance floor, swimming in sound, you can’t exactly call your friends up and invite them to join you? So why not grab a camera, capture the excitement, upload it to Facebook, and invite them that way?

    The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000 enables you to upload pictures to Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks or to send them via e-mail since it is equipped with Wi-Fi functionality. Now that’s smart.

    Shop to refresh yourself
    <The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology> reported on the different ways that men and women relieve stress. Men, it said, tend loosen up by participating in strenuous activities such as sports, whereas women ease stress through relatively passive activities such as conversation and shopping.

    Window shopping is one way to kill some stress without spending a lot of money. To make window shopping even more enjoyable, one suggestion is to use your camera to create a wish list.

    NX1000 | 1/1000s | f/2.4| 24mm | ISO 400
    NX1000 | 1/1000s | f/2.4| 24mm | ISO 400

    It’s easy to go window shopping with a light camera like the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000. The NX1000, which fits smoothly in the hand, is lightweight like a compact camera but offers much better picture quality. These features make it a fantastic shopping companion to record every item on your wish list.

    A concert to entertain your ears
    As a way to relax on the way to and from work, many choose to listen to their favorite music. But to celebrate the New Year, it’s even better if you can catch your favorite artist perform live. A live show is always more enjoyable and refreshing than listening to the same old studio tracks.

    NX1000 | 1/15s | f/5.6| 80mm | ISO 1600
    NX1000 | 1/15s | f/5.6| 80mm | ISO 1600
    Live performances often help even the most stressed out souls

    And, if you are lucky enough, you can capture the crowning moments of that live performance with your Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000NX1000 enables you to take pictures of 20.3 million image pixels and full 1,080P HD to faithfully reproduce the performance. After the show, you can relive the excitement and share it with friends.

    NX1000 | 1/60s | f/5.6 | 450mm | ISO 1600
    NX1000 | 1/60s | f/5.6 | 450mm | ISO 1600
    The passion of a live performance comes through in a single photo!

    Opportunity is said to only knock once. As this year begins, refresh your body and spirit and don’t forget to take along your Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000 to capture that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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