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    Samsung SMART CAMERA Story – The Birth of the Samsung SMART CAMERA

    Samsung SMART CAMERA Story - The Birth of the SMART CAMERA

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVfUgctIfKk]
    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, attracted public attention by launching the SMART CAMERA this year.

    The SMART CAMERA such as GALAXY Camera together with the NX1000, NX20 and NX210 is the new type of device, which can take pictures and even share them to communicate from anywhere, at any time.

    How did the SMART CAMERA go out into the world, which is going to make a paradigm shift?

    From now on, please get a load of the birth of the SMART CAMERA the person in charge from each department told about.


    Sun Hong Lim Vice President, Sales & Marketing Team

    Q. SMART CAMERAs are a little unfamiliar. How does it differ from existing cameras?

    smart phones offer new value and experience to the consumers in order to meet explosive demands in the cellular phone market. Also, the SMART CAMERAs offer new and incredible value and experience such as the instant photo sharing feature to open a new camera era.

    Q. Did Samsung put any meaning on the SMART CAMERA?

    Existing DSLR and compact camera markets are reduced in the industry, but portable and easy to use cameras like CSC (Compact System Camera) are rapidly growing these days.

    In addition, the consumers have now started to use the pictures as a communication tool unlike the existing voice/text message since users of smart phones and SNS are getting bigger.

    Therefore, Samsung SMART CAMERAs should be different from the conventional cameras, not just for taking picture.

    We offer new experiences to the consumers with great quality pictures, editing/sharing features so we want to start a new photo culture.

    Q. What’s the goal and vision of Samsung for a SMART CAMERA?

    Samsung Electronics is the only company which has all the core competencies for realizing the vision of the SMART CAMERA.

    Samsung has the superior optical technology, digital technology, and technology for the core components, as well as being number one in global wireless communication technology.

    As a result, we are able to connect TVs, PCs, smart phones, tablets, etc with SMART CAMERAs and Cloud service to build a horizontal integration.

    Samsung has been selected as the number one company from the smart TV and smart phone markets among all the other strong competitors.

    Now, its Samsung SMART CAMERAs turn. It will continue Samsung’s success story.


    HongJu Kim Principal Engineer, Development Group 2

    Q. Samsung’s new NX Series just made a fresh start with the SMART CAMERA concept. What was the most difficult part/point from the SMART CAMERA development processes?

    The basic concept of the SMART CAMERA is the “Wi-Fi.”

    The Wi-Fi feature was completely implemented by Samsung’s high communication technology.

    There were a few problems with combining the existing operating system, but the Wi-Fi system development staffs joined together and fixed the problems.

    Furthermore, we reflect the field test results from different countries to implement the function.

    The future models will be equipped with faster wireless communication capabilities to provide a differentiated service from its competitors.

    Q. To improve the NX’s performance, what did you focus on?

    When we were planning the product, we wanted to make the NX as a professional product.

    With DSLR Looking Design, high resolution EVF and Swivel Type Display, we planned to make a competitive camera in its fast speed.

    So we raised the shutter speed and implemented electronic first curtain shutter with DMC laboratory in order to shorten the lack on shutter release time.

    We could reach 1/8000 shutter speed with theelectronic first curtain shutter and also about 1/2 lack time was shortened.

    Even though exposure tolerancewascaused byelectronic first curtain shutter &mechanical second curtain shutterin the design process, we gained credibility through enough verifications. We promise we will apply the updated technology on the next model and make more competitive products.

    GEON MO KANG Vice President, R&D Team

    Q. The NX lenses performance got a great reputation from many users and media. Please tell us about the future direction to pursue.

    The primary goal of cameras is capturing both the good pictures and videos.

    And it basically depends on the lens to reach the goal.

    Therefore, we will continue to pursue the class-leading optical performance lens and NOT just a good lens with a valuable price.


    Minu Lee Assistant Manager, Strategic Marketing Team

    Q. Please tell me why the SMART CAMERA has been planned.

    Nowadays, it is normal for people to communicate with images. It is quite different from the one-to-one communication in the past. The pictures are not only for the photographer alone. So, the SMART CAMERA was born to match the change in this trend.

    Q. Which functions has Samsung SMART CAMERA?

    The high-quality pictures can be shared and saved into Facebook or email by Wi-Fi. It’s possible to directly send them to smart phones from which you are able to share with your friends and can even create a personal album. Also, due to the cloud service, you don’t need to be worried about the memory; you can just save your precious moments and memory.

    In addition, there are functions like Link to TV, Auto PC back up, Remote viewfinder and so forth.

    Q. What is heavily emphasized on these NX series?

    NX series newly add SMART CAMERA’s functions. However, the most important thing we thought about was the camera performance. As you may know, 20MP APS-C CMOS Sensor, 8 frames per second for better continuous shooting, and 9 kinds of NX lenses including 85mm F1.4 CSC lens show the NX series’ exceptional optical performance.

    Q. Please briefly introduce the three types of the new NX cameras.

    The NX1000 is for those who want to take high-quality pictures easily. With a light and small size, a bright color like white and pink and a sleek design, you can carry it, record your daily life, and share with other people.

    The NX20 is a DSLR type CSC camera for professionals, and it has superior performance and convenience. it has the best CSC 1/8000s shutter speed and it’s possible for the continuous shooting with 8 frames per second capturing the crucial moments. Also, the Super AMOLED swivel display makes images clearer and sharper with various angles.

    The NX210 is a similar version to the SMART Camera of the NX200. If you liked the NX200’s elegant and refined design, you can share 20MP pictures with the NX210 as soon as you take pictures.


    Kenji Yamauchi Principal Designer, Design Group

    Q. Could you please explain the NX design process?

    When designers draw a sketch, they usually not only care about the NX design, but also about what type of user is going to use this camera.

    First of all, we visualize it by sketching, rendering, and styling specifically. We’re thinking of how to use and matching inner parts at that time. Through this process, we produce mockups to touch and test. By making the mockup many times, we create the most optimized design to show its motion and texture.

    Even if the design was determined, the role of the designer is not the end. When it comes to the color, texture and manufacture, we have to see if our design is applied enough in the mass production process.

    Q. What made you feel tough in the NX1000 design process?

    The most difficult thing with the NX1000 was the color variation. As you saw, the NX1000 has the white, pink and black version. Because it was not easy to make the very color I wanted for the white and pink one, so I had trouble in coloring.

    Q. NX1000 has particularly SMART Link button compared with the other general camera. (The NX1000 has a button compared with the camera.)

    Yes, the NX1000 is the camera installed with SMART Link function at the very first. We made the SMART Link button on top of the camera body to use the functions easily.

    We met up with the developer, designer and marketer so far. The Samsung SMART CAMERA in your hands takes many such efforts from these people. When it was so tough that nobody try to do, we tried. And we are also convinced that the SMART CAMERA is the future of the camera.

    In order to get the camera become a good communication tool with sensibility, we promise to take one step with the SMART CAMERA on and on.

    Please expect the future the Samsung SMART CAMERA will create a lot!


ashwin rao Says:

October 5, 2012 at 5:43 am

The mount on the nx 1000 and 200 look like a toilet bowl.Since woning a nx100 and nx10 i cant bear to buy anymore nx cameras if Samsung cant even bother to hire decent designers. Why doesnt Samsung just make a leica m6 body over the models and call it a day? Everyone wants an nex 7 or fuji x100 or x1 pro and you guys come up with the nx20 and nx1000? Does you guys even listen to camera loving people at all or are you just happy to tell people what they should want for a camera? Seriously, i could design a better looking camera than the nx 20 or 1000. First and foremost, get rid of that ugly stoilet bowl mount, the pancakes lenses dont look good on that penus like thing sticking out. Second, get an EVf for christ sake. Third, put an articulating screen on the damn cameras for once. and lastly. stop charging Canon prices, you are not |Canon camera corp!


dgd Says:

October 5, 2012 at 5:57 am

All people want are simple thing, Samsung. They want fast AF.They want a responsive lag free shutter. They want a camera that looks like a Leica or better. They want a mount that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. they want an EVF or even a port for one. They don’t buy the nx20 because pros DONT use Samsuing. Your market stats are all wrong. ..why do you think you have no traction in the market? People are all talking about the fuji x cmaera, the nikon j1′s, the nex cameras. No one cares about the GH camera, the nx20 cameras, the om-ds. If I wanted a dslr looking camera, ID” BUY A REAL DSLR, NOT A CSC THAT LOOKS LIKE A DSLR. Listen to me Samsung and maybe you will learn how to make the nxr a decent camera. But knowing Samsung, they are gonna make the nxr into another ugly ass nx20. Dear god…


dgd Says:

October 13, 2012 at 8:45 pm

Well, Samsung, if you’re NOT going to gie people what the want, which is a Fuji xe1 or NEX 7 kind of camera, there’s always Sony and Fuji. Bye bye Samsung, have fun making another NX20 kind of camera! Please make sure you make the mount stick out even further, that way, pancake lenses look like elephoto lenses.


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