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Samsung SMART CAMERA NX Series Launch Event at Citi Field, NY


The launch of the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX20, NX210, and NX1000 cameras complete the full ecosystem of Wi-Fi enabled Samsung SMART CAMERAs – first announced at CES 2012. The new NX Series cameras often referred to as a “hybrid” will be the first compact system cameras with cutting-edge technologies like built-in Wi-Fi and SMART connectivity.

A launch event to experience the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX Series while enjoying the Mets game

Smart NX Series Launch Event at NYC_1

On the 17th of May, Samsung hosted a Mets game at Citi Field in Queens, NY for a mix of 40 influential journalists. They received a presentation on Samsung camera’s vision and strategy as well as the unique benefits of the new NX line.

Samsung then welcomed special guest, a four-time All-Star and former Met John Franco, who addressed the group and spoke about his excitement for SMART cameras. He also pointed out special features of Citi Field that were worthy of photography. He stayed for several hours and signed baseballs for all in attendance, which were presented to guests in a SAMSUNG branded keepsake case.

Media Feedback

Below are excerpts of media feedbacks with many more stories and features expected in the coming days.

Smart NX Series Launch Event at NYC_2


Samsung Samsung SMART CAMERA NX20, NX210, and NX1000 Sample Images and Video (By Zach Honig)

All three cameras are virtually identical when it comes to core components like the 20.3-megapixel Samsung-designed APS-C image sensor, so performance on that front should be consistent to what we saw with our flagship NX20 sample … (To see the whole article)

Digital Camera Review

Samsung Samsung SMART CAMERA NX20, NX210, and NX1000 First Look Review (By Allison Johnson)

Samsung refreshed its NX series of compact system cameras earlier this year, becoming the first manufacturer to add WiFi features to interchangeable lens cameras… (To see the whole article)

Digital Photography Review

Samsung Announces US Pricing for Wi-Fi-Capable NX20, NX210, and NX1000

Samsung has announced the US prices for its latest ‘Smart’ Wi-Fi-enabled NX mirrorless cameras, the NX20, NX210, and NX1000. It has also said that the NX1000 will be available in June with the 20-50mm retractable zoom… (To see the whole article)

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The following media highlighted this event

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Houston Chronicle

Dallas Morning News

Miami Herald

San Jose Mercury News

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