Surreal Skyscrapers


Architecture has been called the most powerful of the arts, because, after all, architects are building upward, literally overcoming gravity. Nowhere is that power more evident than in the skyscraper, towering above the cityscape.

Buildings as works of art
The urban jungle can be a bit suffocating at times, but it makes for fantastic photos. Skyscrapers are monuments to our multitasking lives, but capturing them with the right exposure is not always easy. Being able to adjust your exposure settings on the fly is crucial.

NX200 | 1/123s | f/8 | 16mm | ISO 100
NX200 | 1/123s | f/8 | 16mm | ISO 100
Bright sunlight sends ripples across this masterpiece

The lenses on Samsung SMART CAMERA NX Systems make exposure adjustments a cinch. With the i-Function button right on the lens, the most common exposure settings are right at your fingertips. Simply press the i-Function button to select the desired setting and turn the focus ring to adjust it.

24 Surreal Skyscrapers

What the building becomes
Some buildings, like the one above, are structurally breathtaking in and of themselves. Other buildings aren’t so much about what they are, as what they become. Reflective glass is a popular architectural means of creating dynamism. In the morning, the building is painted in sunrise hues. At noon, in sky blue. At times, it even pays homage to the buildings around it.

NX200 | 1/160s | f/5.6 | 50mm | ISO 125
NX200 | 1/160s | f/5.6 | 50mm | ISO 125

For the aspiring photographer, this means that buildings can take on an ever-changing fourth dimension. Camping out in front of your favorite building will yield an infinite variety of shots over the course of a day.

Dramatic photos larger than life
Here is a tip for capturing the full majesty of a towering skyscraper. If you can set up with a tripod at a bit of a distance, switch your Samsung SMART CAMERA NX System to Panorama Mode. Depress the shutter button and hold as you gently sweep the building from its base to its top. The result will be an impressive, almost surreal, representation the reaches to the sky.

NX200 | 1/320s | f/7.1 | 20mm | ISO 100
NX200 | 1/320s | f/7.1 | 20mm | ISO 100

 What are you own favorite urban landmarks?

Comments (7)

  • noname says:

    There are no buildings ard my town :( it would be nice if I could take one with my camera.

    • Jodie says:

      Hi, noname! How about going travel photography? :) Good luck to your new photos

  • Daniel*1977 says:

    Sad, that team didn’t remember about the old Imagelogers.
    I have so much architecture….

    • Jodie says:

      Hi Daniel! Of course we remember you. Don’t be silly ;)

  • Daniel*1977 says:

    We will see ;)

  • Daniel*1977 says:

    Give me a challenge :D

  • Jodie says:

    Thanks, Daniel!

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