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"I'm taking a self shot while looking at myself." Dual LCD Samsung ST600


After a dramatic improvement of camera technology, the performance of cameras becomes similar especially among compact digital cameras. That’s why unique functions and convenience are more important these days. Samsung adopted Dual LCD for the first time in the world with the ST550, and it made self shots easier. The following model ST600 has been released, so let’s take a look.

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ST600, the King of Self Camera


Last year, the shocking dual LCD Samsung ST550 was very popular. Samsung Front Display camera shocked the self shot world with the front LCD. This Samsung camera has changed again. The ST600 has the changed appearance and upgraded its performance. After 3 weeks of testing, I’m going to introduce you to the new functions and design of the ST600.

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Eat your sweets @depachika


Eat your sweets _ST100_cake2

Did you enjoy happy Valentine? I hope you did. I visited department store, just to buy some souvenirs for my family and friends, not for Valentine. Japanese people call the corner that sells food ‘depachika’…

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Fascinating 2view camera ST100

Fascinating 2view camera ST100

Last year, the front display which was a big issue was shown up with an inner zoom lens for the first time in the world. Recently, inner zoom cameras are not the majority, but I highly evaluate the inner zoom cameras from Samsung. They have great lens performance and the quality is not bad at all compared to other protruding lens cameras…

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Beautiful Moment SAMSUNG ST100


It comes in 4 different colors violet, gold, hot pink, and black. Except the black one, all the other colors catch people’s attention immediately. The rounded appearance and coated surface is really awesome. It has an inner 5x zoom type optical Schneider lens with a focal length of 35-175mm. This is much better length than other inner zoom lenses…


New Year at Tokyo



This is a letter from Tokyo at New Year season. I wish all your happy new year!! There are many illumination sites in Tokyo at Christmas & New Year season…


ST100 digital camera with seamless dual LCD



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