There is not only Street Photography for me. I am a great admirer of photographers like Stephen Shore and William Eggleston. I consider the urban shots my landscape photography. It is a genre more quiet and meditated, that allows me to bring out that part of the minimalist nature that still lives in me, enabling me at the same time to remain in the urban territory…

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Enjoy Watching Samsung SMART CAMERA Screensaver


How many of you use screensaver option on your PC? A screensaver is an animated image that is activated on your monitor when there’s no user activity and has been sensed for a certain time. You can set your own time as an option.

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Get Shuffling with Samsung DV300F



Do you like to shuffle? How would you like to take a photo of yourself shuffling in the middle of the street while everything around you is still as a statue like a scene from a movie? You can easily add action to your still photos by using the latest ‘Motion Photo’ function from the Samsung DV300F camera.

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Samsung SMART CAMERA DV300F. Shoot wow, Share now



Share special moments easily and capture them perfectly. With the Samsung Smart Camera DV300F’s useful Wi-Fi capabilities, you can store photos quickly, easily and wirelessly on online social networks or cloud services, or back them up on your PC, smartphone or Microsoft SkyDrive. You’ll also have a smarter view of self-portraits, group photos and other difficult shots via the useful 1.5″ front LCD display.

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Street Style Looks, Caught on Samsung: Street Fashion Photos, Grand Finale



The stylishly ambitious street fashion photo campaign, Street Style Looks, Caught on Samsung: MV800″ s Stylish Fashion Project with Cond © Nast has ended. The Caught on Samsung has started last October continuing its stylish journey for almost the past 6 month introducing more than 130 pictures from the 4 major fashion cities; London, Rome, Paris and New York, taken by 4 fashion photographers; Jamie Baker, Jessie Parks, Kelley Gudahl, Red Eye Productions.

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Street Style Looks, Caught on Samsung: Street Fashion Photos, Part 10



It’s that time of year when it makes you want to flip through magazines and go out to shop for new wardrobe to update your closet with the latest look of the new season. But in reality, the weather is still too cold and you feel like you have nothing to wear. Smart ways to go use the items for in-between seasons!

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Street Style Looks, Caught on Samsung: Street Fashion Photos, Part 9



Hello, Samsungimaging fans! I’m back again with stylish street fashion pictures from our stylish MV800 campaign, ‘Street Style Looks, Caught on Samsung’ once again. As I was looking through Caught on Samsung Tumblr and selecting stylish pics to share it with you, I’ve noticed that all the pictures that I’ve chosen this time have styled their look with a oh-so-fashionable, totally in-the-moment-style hat. So I’ve decided to give this post a little theme; “All that hat”!

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