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2nd hands on review with Samsung SMART CAMERA NX20 : Action photography with breakdancers


Yesterday I was in downtown with my students for the first official Street Photo-walk. It was a fantastic day from many points of view, and soon I will publish a post on this day. This article is dedicated to the second test with my Samsung NX20 with the 85mm lens.




Again, it’s been a long time. Many responsibilities, photos, work, children, wife… Of course I’m not complaining because I do not waste time. Counter of my NX20 shows almost 1500 images as the two months it’s probably a lot, and all the time I have new ideas. My kit which I always carry is a 60mm and NX20, sometimes even mount the 20mm lens. The only thing I’m missing is a fish-eye lens for city shots.

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So, this morning my first “road test” with the new camera. In this hands on review some snapshot and the first impressions. Samsung NX20 is a great camera. Now I can say it, seeing the quality of the images, and the first performances. The first thing that I would highlight: the viewfinder. This is a real viewfinder, where you can see and compose perfectly your image. Image lag? If there is I really have not noticed.

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Look up in the sky and they are everywhere.



Hello NX friends, This 10th article is the last post written with the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX20 sample photos. From the first post, titled “The Festival of Spring Flowers”, I continuously wrote some photography tips or inspirational articles with the NX20 photos. I hope you had enjoyed my posts and also it helped your photograph activities. Which post you like the most among all the ten posts?

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New Beginning


It happened! This is a new beginning for me. I could count on the Polish customs office. Shipment from Korea to Poland – 3 days – receive parcel from the customs office 5 days!!! Seoul – Warsaw about 7700 km. The customs office – my home 3 km. I have long waited for this moment and finally I have my dream lens – 60mm macro and the NX20! The lens and camera make for me superb set.

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The Beauty of Nature with the NX20



Nature was inspiration for many artists and is still used today. Then how about you? Now, Look around and find the things you can see only in nature. You can not see thing up close very well. However if you concentrate on minutes, you can find an fanatistic small world around you…

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The Pleasures of Daily Life



Hello photographers,Many people who like to take photos always carry their cameras. Some people take photos when they travel somewhere, have special events or take photos in their ordinary life like a diary. How about you? Today, I would like to introduce some snap-shots taken by imageloggers…

Today, I would like to introduce some snap-shots taken by imageloggers. These snap-shots show their daily life and share memories and feelings. The photos taken by the Samsung SMART

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