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Samsung HMX-F80, Family-Friendly Camcorder



Reinvent the home video with a high-performing and innovative camcorder. The Samsung F80 HD camcorder’s 52x optical zoom brings you closer to the action than ever before. You’ll record in incredibly immersive 1280 x 720 30p HD, and with only a quick and simple HDMI connection you can play it back in high definition, too. The CMOS sensor…

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Happy Christmas with the Samsung Camcorder!


How did you spend your Christmas before? Did you celebrate by decorating a Christmas tree in the living room or at work, shopping for people around you, gathering to exchange presents, or something else? Do you remember what you did this past Christmas? Today, I want to introduce  the Samsung camcorders SMX-F70 and HMX-Q10. With these camcorders…

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The Samsung F70: Rich colors help bring the best picture to life!


“Rich colors help bring the best picture to life” with the Samsung F70. How are you doing these days? Somehow I just realized that I didn’t introduce Samsung Camcorders for a while, so today I want to introduce the F70. I hope you enjoy reading this post. Samsung is back with its latest SD camcorder, the F70, with the NX200, and MV800 in the beginning of Sep. at IFA2011 in Berlin, Germany…

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The Launch of the WB750, ST96, and SMX-F70 at IFA 2011 in Berlin


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has announced the launch of the WB750, ST96, and SMX-F70 at IFA 2011 in Berlin, Germany. IFA is a global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, presents the latest products & innovations. Let’s look over on new Samsung products…

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Samsung SMX-F44 Preview

Samsung SMX-F44 Preview

Closer and more vivid with 65x Intelli-zoom F44‘s optical 52x zoom! It can fully take a subject in a long distance. By using Intelli-zoom, optical 65x zoom can be applied. No more battery out With its super long battery time with 250 minutes, users can take a long long video without worrying about a battery. Forget that other camcorders having short recording time. Connecting via USB, the battery can be…

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Let's remember a day with the K45

Let's remember a day with the K45

Samsung Digital Imaging has provided the author of this review with the mentioned digital imaging device. Samsung camcorders have started with the pocket type camcorder VM-300 in 2007 with UCC boom, and the shooting type memory camcorder 480p MX10 and HD camcorder HMX10A were also known to us. Particularly, the success of the HMX20 in 2008 is so cool. This model has made Samsung camcorders more popular until 2009, and…