Clay House 34. Rabbit Meets Little Dragon



Hi everyone! Have you been waiting for our new Clay House post? Today, I’d like to introduce my new work titled as “Rabbit Meets Little Dragon”. I’m recently working on children book and this is one of the scenes from the book. Summary: A tree fell down in the woods and the rabbits have no idea what they need to do. At the time, a little dragon comes to the rabbits and says he can help them out.

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QF20/Q20, Get a Better Handle on Recording



Presenting a new take on Full HD recording. The QF20/Q20’s Switch Grip II function not only lets you hold the camcorder in either hand, it also allows for vertical recording — so you’re always in perfect position to capture heartwarming moments and hilarious pratfalls in amazing HD. And it’s understandable if you want to share them right away — Wi-Fi capabilities let you upload video to your favorite social networks from any hotspot.

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Clay House 33. Polar Bear II



Hello Samsung Camera friends! It’s been a several weeks from I posted the 32nd Clay House post on the blog. How have you been? Today, I want to introduce the 2nd work of Polar Bear work. Since I’ve paid attention to continued destruction of nature in the world, I decided to finish this work because polar bears are endangered.

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Clay House 32. Polar Bear



Hi Samsung Camera friends! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted my last Clay House series. Have you been waiting for the newest Clay House post? Today, I want to introduce my new clay work – a polar bear, an elephant seal, and little penguins all together. Polar bears are the largest land meat-eaters in the world…

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Samsung HMX-F80, Family-Friendly Camcorder



Reinvent the home video with a high-performing and innovative camcorder. The Samsung F80 HD camcorder’s 52x optical zoom brings you closer to the action than ever before. You’ll record in incredibly immersive 1280 x 720 30p HD, and with only a quick and simple HDMI connection you can play it back in high definition, too. The CMOS sensor…

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Happy Christmas with the Samsung Camcorder!


How did you spend your Christmas before? Did you celebrate by decorating a Christmas tree in the living room or at work, shopping for people around you, gathering to exchange presents, or something else? Do you remember what you did this past Christmas? Today, I want to introduce  the Samsung camcorders SMX-F70 and HMX-Q10. With these camcorders…

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The Perfect Samsung Gift for the Holiday Season!



With no exception, it’s ‘that’ time of the year again! Ta-da! Yes, the HOLIDAY season!!! Thanksgiving and Christmas are probably the two biggest holidays everyone waits for! As much as I love buying gifts, wrapping them up, and writing cards with heartfelt words, I enjoy seeing the excitement on people’s face as they open their gift(s) (sometimes yes, I’d admit, a little disappointment :))…

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