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    Shoot Fast, Share Even Faster with Usain Bolt and the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX300

    The world’s fastest man has joined forces with Samsung for a shooting experience which brings speed and power to every moment. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced today that it has partnered with athletic superstar Usain Bolt as it launches its latest compact system camera (CSC), the NX300. Samsung will be working with the Usain Bolt Foundation to provide photography equipment and lessons to aspiring young photographers…

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    Adorable Animal Photos Through The Perfect Lens

    If you own a pet or have a thing for cuddly creatures, you probably already know how hard it is to take a good picture of them. Despite the best training, they simply don’t understand the need to sit still and look at the camera. The keys are having the right equipment, a good approach, and creating a comfortable environment…

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    Samsung GALAXY Camera – Fully Loaded with Top Apps

    One need look no further than the runaway successes of Instagram and Pinterest to realize that society is both highly mobile and highly interested in sharing in the now. So share the best in the era of visual communication…

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    The great epic of fish and human with Samsung NX System

    KBS, Korean Broadcasting System, had planned and shot a tremendous film named ‘Super Fish’ having visited around the world. This story is about great history of fish and humans which spans over 100,000 years. In the nature of the earth, the two species named fish and humans have lived in both symbiosis and struggles with each other. By addressing ‘fish’ which has left an inerasable trace on the human race, this program looks back on the history of human life and civilization.

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    Czech, as fantastic as a fairytale!

    Photokina Real-time explorers are moving around Europe! Despite such a tight schedule, they look so excited all day long and they totally enjoy our project! There might be a lot of travelers who have been to Prague with fantasy! How about you? Our real-time explorers are going to visit the landmarks of this city as well…

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