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The Latest NX Lenses for Your Perfect Shots


The NX200 has stylish and sleek looks, and is very attractive. Today I want to introduce 4 lenses that have unveiled year 2011. The new lenses for its NX system year 2011 are as follows:Samsung NX 18-200mm F3.5-6.3ED OIS, Samsung NX 16mm F2.4, Samsung NX 60mm F2.8 Macro ED OIS SSA, Samsung NX 85mm F1.4 ED SSA…

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A bit of autumn


So is the next autumn. This time, fortunately, is quite good. In Poland September was much more hotter than the whole summer holidays. I had to write something else, but unfortunately failed. I hope that my next post will be about what was supposed to be this time.

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The Best 3 Impressive Photos for the Last Two Weeks #4

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Hi every one! It has already been about two months since we started to select the best three impressive photos and post them to our blog every two weeks. We thank our dedicated fans for their generous support. Please feel free to share your photos with all of your friends and us through our facebook pages as follows: Samsung Camera and Samsung NX.

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So luckily last happens that I have plenty of time to take pictures. Of course, something for something, I need first do a lot of work to have a lot of free later. It came out so that sometimes I’m at work 2 or 3 times a week, so I spend the rest of photography and with my daughter. Although she prefers to play with the children in the nursery ;).

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Capture Your Life with the NX Camera's Fast Auto Focus!



It’s such a hot summer! I wonder if you have special plan(s) during this season. For me, I don’t have anything special planned. I’m just going to swim and have some ice cream at the beach. With whom you may ask? Well, they can be my family or my friends. That’s all!

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At the Tarmac


As a gift for sharing the photos I had recently had the opportunity to participate in another “Photo Day”. This time the meeting was held on the tarmac. So many times I was at the airport. Usually it was a switch from bus to plane :D This time it was more than 3 hours between planes. Unfortunately it was not possible to do shots of aircraft up close. Our airport is not large, still under construction and always too small. I wonder whether will manage the redevelopment of Euro 2012 I suspect that the real spotter would have given a cut for a day at the airport.

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Interview with imageloggers, 4th Story Agnese Eva Montecchi



Agnese Eva Montecchi is a Samsung imagelogger from Italy. Mother of three beautiful kids, she knows exactly how to capture the precious moments in life that a lot of us easily miss without noticing. Her pictures embrace the beautiful light and color of what nature has to offer. The vivid colors, energy, and warmth in the pictures are somehow in resemblance with Agnese Eva…

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