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Pyeongchang Cuisine


Haven’t heard of Pyeongchang yet? You will in the next few years as it will host the 2018 Winter Olympics. It’s become a bit of a resort town, known mostly for its skiing. Yet I went there during the summer, and there was plenty to do without all the crowds. Pyeongchang itself is located in Gangwon Province, the most northeastern province in South Korea. It’s been getting a reputation for nature tourism and adventure sports.

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Magic Dragon's Beard Candy


You find these stands all around tourist areas of Seoul. It’s fun to watch their routine. It’s called Dragon’s Beard Candy. It’s a treat that originated in China and was loved by the Korean royal court. Since it was associated with the Han artistocracy, the Communisty Chinese government originally worked to eliminate it from Chinese society. This is another example of Korea preserving lost Chinese traditions…

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Samsung SMART CAMERA WB150F/WB150 : Smart Zooming, Smart Sharing



Indoors or outside, up close or far away – with the Samsung WB150F/WB150, you’re always ready to capture life’s special moments as they happen, so you can treasure them forever. The 24mm ultra-wide lens and 18x optical zoom ensure you capture exactly what you want in the frame. Samsung’s 14.2 megapixels means that even the smallest details will be reproduced with professsional quality…

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Andong, part 3: Hanu BBQ and Andong Soju


Wrapping up our trip to Andong, we just had to try that famous Andong Hanu beef. I had introduced it to Ben during his first trip to Korea, and he loved the marbling and flavor. We ventured from our overnight stay at Hahoe Village to downtown Andong. While looking for a good place of Hanu, we stumbled upon a shop making little filled cakes in the shape of Hahoe masks. I assumed it was a cheap gimmick, but after trying the raspberry and custard ones, we bought a box. They were good…

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A bit of autumn


So is the next autumn. This time, fortunately, is quite good. In Poland September was much more hotter than the whole summer holidays. I had to write something else, but unfortunately failed. I hope that my next post will be about what was supposed to be this time.

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The Best 3 Impressive Photos for the Last Two Weeks #4

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Hi every one! It has already been about two months since we started to select the best three impressive photos and post them to our blog every two weeks. We thank our dedicated fans for their generous support. Please feel free to share your photos with all of your friends and us through our facebook pages as follows: Samsung Camera and Samsung NX.

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Andong, part 2: Hahoe Village


This is the second video of our trip to Andong this past spring. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom around the Hahoe Village (Hahoe Maul, pronounced HA-hway). It’s a quaint village that is stuck in time. Actually, they actively preserve this place with help from the government to feel like a Brigadoon from the Chosun dynasty. It reminded me a lot of Rothenberg, the medieval town in Germany…

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