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Our Nights Are Brighter than Your Days


Our Nights Are Brighter than Your Days

There is a particular photograph every seasoned photographer wants to take: a spectacular nighttime view. Taking a good photo at night is not easy and photos usually do not come out as intended.  Often times, the lack of light makes photos come out blurry and dark. So what does it take to get a good nighttime photograph? A spectacular nighttime view of the city NX10 | 25s | f14.0 |…




Again, it’s been a long time. Many responsibilities, photos, work, children, wife… Of course I’m not complaining because I do not waste time. Counter of my NX20 shows almost 1500 images as the two months it’s probably a lot, and all the time I have new ideas. My kit which I always carry is a 60mm and NX20, sometimes even mount the 20mm lens. The only thing I’m missing is a fish-eye lens for city shots.

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Play with the EX2F’s brighter frames


With an impressive F1.4F lens, the EX2F delivers a wider range of aperture steps and shallow depth-of-field, providing the ability to blur out the background of your images while keeping the focus on the subject. Furthermore, the equipped Neutral Density filter reduces the intensity of light in bright sunlight adding more dimension to your photo.

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Berlin Sketch with NX



“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Samsungimaging flight bound for Berlin!” Today, we’re going to look through the state of Germany with our imageloggers’ awesome pictures. Our lucky imageloggers were dispatched to Berlin where IFA2012 is held, in order to capture the memorable moments and the landmark of Berlin. Let’s enjoy watching great shots and having a nice journey!

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Save the NX Screensaver on Your Computer



Save the NX Screensaver on Your Computer Do you know that Samsung camera released a new NX screensaver for you? This screensaver consists of various video scenes from the NX lenses. You can download it from “NX Screen Saver” app on the NX Facebook page as follows.

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The Best 3 Impressive Photos for the Last Two Weeks #25



How’s your summer? Without something special are you living ordinary days? Otherwise, are you now leaving for your summer vacation? We wonder how your daily life goes. It would be cool if you tell about it with the images. Here are the best 3 impressive photos for the last two weeks…

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New Beginning


It happened! This is a new beginning for me. I could count on the Polish customs office. Shipment from Korea to Poland – 3 days – receive parcel from the customs office 5 days!!! Seoul – Warsaw about 7700 km. The customs office – my home 3 km. I have long waited for this moment and finally I have my dream lens – 60mm macro and the NX20! The lens and camera make for me superb set.

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