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The Best 3 Impressive Photos for the Last Two Weeks #4

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Hi every one! It has already been about two months since we started to select the best three impressive photos and post them to our blog every two weeks. We thank our dedicated fans for their generous support. Please feel free to share your photos with all of your friends and us through our facebook pages as follows: Samsung Camera and Samsung NX.

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Rondo 1


Again succeeded get to the next Photo Day. This time the photo day was taken up in the building office “Rondo 1″³. This is one of the most modern buildings in Central Europe. Unfortunately the weather was not good, it was quite dark, and it rained. Inside the office building was not fully illuminated and taking pictures was a bit difficult…

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Cold Days


A few days at home gave me a second breath. In the end I could go somewhere else and make some other photos than I do normally. The weather this year in the mountains is strange. In February, there was no snow! Fortunately, before leaving and felt a little fell it was vacation. One day I went into the mountains. He’s lucky the weather was first class. Dispute only tormented frost and wind. Photos I did on the famous in Poland “Kasprowy Peak”

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Fat Katherine


Once in a while one of the Warsaw’s newspaper is organizing the so-called Photo Day. Previous to that I was, took place in the Electro-Heating and some pictures is here…This time the expedition was to the “Fat Katherine.” ..

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Tortelloni with mushroom filling


For my final blog post I decided to cook something again. The recipe I’ll be making is tortelloni with mushroom filling and a simple butter sauce with salvia and lemon. A typical Italian dish!

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One year of NXperience


This is the first post this year, I hope not the last. At home, more and more responsibilities, the time for anything less. Time runs so fast that it’s been a year since I am the owner of NX10 and wonderful little devil named Natasha! Within a year I became the owner 4 of 5 NX system lenses, I must say that I’m not fully satisfied because I lack a macro lens so awaited, perhaps imparted to even fish-eye to enhance creativity.

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The NX10 Meets i-Function 20mm F2.8


Recently, mirrorless cameras are popular in the digital camera market, because they been able to deduce the size of the camera while still keeping the performance of a DSLR. These mirrorless cameras are the best with a small pancake lens…

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