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    The great epic of fish and human with Samsung NX System

    KBS, Korean Broadcasting System, had planned and shot a tremendous film named ‘Super Fish’ having visited around the world. This story is about great history of fish and humans which spans over 100,000 years. In the nature of the earth, the two species named fish and humans have lived in both symbiosis and struggles with each other. By addressing ‘fish’ which has left an inerasable trace on the human race, this program looks back on the history of human life and civilization.

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    The best 3 impressive photos for the last two weeks #27

    Fall is just around the corner. The summer heat isn’t completely gone though. Time flies like an arrow. Don’t you think? We ought to accept the fact that whatever happens, the clock is indifferently ticking. Even if we feel kind of unfair, that’s the way of the world. What is the meaning of autumn for you? For me, it’s something lonely but full. I really like this season, since it’s not that hot and not that cold…

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    EISA Award: NX20 European Advanced Compact System Camera 2012-2013

    Samsung NX20 won the award from the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) in the category of the EUROPEAN ADVANCED COMPACT SYSTEM CAMERA 2012-2013. Respectively, the judging panel were impressed with its unique design and innovative features. EUROPEAN ADVANCED COMPACT SYSTEM CAMERA 2012-2013 – Samsung NX20

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    Save the NX Screensaver on Your Computer

    Save the NX Screensaver on Your Computer Do you know that Samsung camera released a new NX screensaver for you? This screensaver consists of various video scenes from the NX lenses. You can download it from “NX Screen Saver” app on the NX Facebook page as follows.

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    Select a Color and Make a Picture Unique!

    You can leave only one color in pictures including specific colors (possible to choose red, green, blue, or yellow) and for the rest, you can leave it black and white. If you want, it’s possible to use the Smart Filter together. Try to get the creative and unique image with this hidden feature.

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