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QF20/Q20, Get a Better Handle on Recording



Presenting a new take on Full HD recording. The QF20/Q20’s Switch Grip II function not only lets you hold the camcorder in either hand, it also allows for vertical recording — so you’re always in perfect position to capture heartwarming moments and hilarious pratfalls in amazing HD. And it’s understandable if you want to share them right away — Wi-Fi capabilities let you upload video to your favorite social networks from any hotspot.

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Happy Christmas with the Samsung Camcorder!


How did you spend your Christmas before? Did you celebrate by decorating a Christmas tree in the living room or at work, shopping for people around you, gathering to exchange presents, or something else? Do you remember what you did this past Christmas? Today, I want to introduce  the Samsung camcorders SMX-F70 and HMX-Q10. With these camcorders…

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The Best 3 Impressive Photos for the Last Two Weeks #5


Giuseppe Campana

Hi! How was your last September? And what are you planning for the upcoming October? Autumn is in the air. The autumn weather may be each different in every corner of the world, but I think it makes us feel something sentimental commonly. How about you? Here is already the 5th selection for the best impressive photos. I want to say “thank you!” to you guys who have been often participating in this mission. I hope you keep loving…

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One-of-a-Kind Custard Cream


Today, I’d like to show one of the basic recipe used in my pastry kitchen: Custard Cream. It’s easy and fun, especially when you can add your own flavoring to your one-of-a-kind recipe. Plain vanilla, rum, fruit puree, raisin soaked in good old rum are some of the ingredients I’ve added into my creation. However, your imagination and creativity is limitless when catering to your personal taste…

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Samsung Reveals the Latest Addition at IFA Press Conference



In IFA Berlin 2011, Samsung will officially launch the latest addition: Samsung MultiView MV800, Samsung NX200 and WB750. These highly advanced, state-of-the-art devices provide a combination of premium performance with a stylish design.

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Capture the Best Moments in Life with the Samsung HMX-Q10



As a left-handed person, I experienced some frivolous struggles in life, such as bumping into a right-handed person on my left while eating or making smudges on the paper while I’m writing. Thanks to the Samsung HMX-Q10 camcorder and its Switch Grip, I have one less thing to worry as a lefty and can capture my favorite memories without any hassles. Despite my personal advantages of using this great gadget…

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Baker Man's Delicious Creation


Hi! Baker Man comes back. Today is for making yummy Rye Roll. The following pictures explains how to make   Rye Roll. the shape of this Rye Roll I’ve chosen as it was meant t be served in our fine dining Seafood restaurant. So the shaped it like mussel. The recipe is   basic light sourdough with home made sourdough…

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