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Once again it is time to write about something, but recently I have experienced intellectual stagnation. I think and think again but nothing comes up. It seems that the problem is due to the impact of the weather. It feels like the winter is coming in Poland. Sometimes the lack of ideas is a good thing because after this, the strangest thing happens; an ordinary kitchen can become the place of inspiration with many objects to be photographed. Even after leaving the house can some ideas come unexpectedly!

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The first review of NX pancake lens.


The first review of NX pancake lens., the second biggest photography portal in Poland, has published the first review of Samsung NX 30 mm f/2.0 lens. All tests and reviews are available in English as well, the English version of the site is The review introduced that the Samsung NX 30 mm f/2.0 makes a good impression and enumerated strengths of NX pancake lens that its compact barrel and sensibly fast at the same…