Samsung SMART CAMERA NX300 Continues to Earn Strong Reviews


1_Samsung_NX300_Rave Reviews On The Newly Released NX300 Continue!

Rave reviews for Samsung SMART CAMERA NX300 continue. Trusted Review, one of the most popular electronic gadget review sites in England, gave a great review of the NX300, with the camera getting 9 out of 10 points. Also, PC Magazine named the NX300 an “Editor’s Choice” with an ‘Excellent’ rating…

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NX Facebook Campaign with Nearly 500,000 Photography Enthusiasts



Samsung’s innovative NX System Facebook campaign engages nearly half a million photography enthusiasts worldwide. We’re sure that there are people remember the event held on the Samsung NX Facebook last year and also those who were even given our special gifts. Entitled ‘NX200 Feel & Share’, Samsung conducted a campaign in the virtual gallery of Samsung NX Facebook tab between November 1st and 21st 2011 as part of the launch promotion of the NX200, Samsung’s latest compact system camera.

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Good News: The NX200 wins AP Awards 2012!



Amateur Photographer has awarded the NX200 for AP Awards 2012! Amateur Photographer, the best-known UK weekly photography magazine, announced that the NX200 awarded the Consumer Compact System Camera of the Year Award on January 30th 2012. The NX200 achieved the distinction of winning Amateur Photographer Awards 2012 again since the NX100 and the NX10 had won the AP Awards 2011!…

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The NX200: Favorable Review by Amateur Photographer(UK)



With its 20.3-million-pixel APS-C-sized sensor, Samsung’s slim-bodied compact system camera certainly raises the stakes. Mat Gallagher finds out what the NX200 has to offer the advanced photographer. Starting saying above, Amateur Photographer, the best-known UK weekly photography magazine, thoroughly reviewed and introduced the NX200’s features and specifications throughout 6 pages in total.

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Samsung NX100. A Compact System Camera


Samsung NX100. A Compact System Camera(CSC). In the previous review, I looked at the appearance and design of the NX100. It was quite interesting that some people had a good impression, while others had a bad impression by their preference. This review is going to handle the new technology i-Function and…

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Samsung NX 20mm F2.8 i-Function Review


In 2010, a lot of new and unique products were released. Cameras with new functions kept being released, and more advanced cameras have been made. However, customers don’t like it any more from a certain point. They know a new model will come out soon after they have bought the newest product of today, so they hesitate to purchase a new one…

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Samsung NX i-Function Lens Microsite: The Perfect Lens for All Your Needs



As you might have already read from our previous post about Samsung’s 2011 New NX lens line- up check out the Samsung NX i-Function Lens microsite which is solely dedicated to introducing Samsung NX i-Function lens. Samsung NX i-Function lens helps you take professional-quality pictures with a touch of a button at your fingertips. ..

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