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    Introducing The Samsung WB110

    Introducing the Samsung WB110 with 26x Optical Zoom, and Ultra Wide Angle for Capturing High Quality Images…

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    Autumn in Edinburgh

    Have you ever been to Edinburgh this time of the year? It’s so beautiful! However, the weather has been pretty cold since the beginning of this month. I felt so much cold air in October in Edinburgh. The freezing weather was so rare for me, but it was nice! Do you see the clear sky behind the dark cloud? This is October in Edinburgh…

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    Samsung SMART CAMERA WB100, Create Brilliant Images

    The Samsung SMART CAMERA WB100features a 26x optical zoom, a 22.3mm ultra wide-angle lens, and a 16.2 effective megapixels sensor that let you portray life in outstanding detail, whether you’re up close or far away. You can also record 720p HD movies. A soft, comfortable grip helps you hold the camera securely in hand, while Dual Image Stabilisation (OIS+DIS) helps ensure clear shots even when your hands aren’t perfectly steady. Enhancing the camera’s

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    QF20/Q20, Get a Better Handle on Recording

    Presenting a new take on Full HD recording. The QF20/Q20’s Switch Grip II function not only lets you hold the camcorder in either hand, it also allows for vertical recording — so you’re always in perfect position to capture heartwarming moments and hilarious pratfalls in amazing HD. And it’s understandable if you want to share them right away — Wi-Fi capabilities let you upload video to your favorite social networks from any hotspot.

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    Pyeongchang Cuisine

    Haven’t heard of Pyeongchang yet? You will in the next few years as it will host the 2018 Winter Olympics. It’s become a bit of a resort town, known mostly for its skiing. Yet I went there during the summer, and there was plenty to do without all the crowds. Pyeongchang itself is located in Gangwon Province, the most northeastern province in South Korea. It’s been getting a reputation for nature tourism and adventure sports.

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