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"I'm taking a self shot while looking at myself." Dual LCD Samsung ST600


After a dramatic improvement of camera technology, the performance of cameras becomes similar especially among compact digital cameras. That’s why unique functions and convenience are more important these days. Samsung adopted Dual LCD for the first time in the world with the ST550, and it made self shots easier. The following model ST600 has been released, so let’s take a look.

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ST600, the King of Self Camera


Last year, the shocking dual LCD Samsung ST550 was very popular. Samsung Front Display camera shocked the self shot world with the front LCD. This Samsung camera has changed again. The ST600 has the changed appearance and upgraded its performance. After 3 weeks of testing, I’m going to introduce you to the new functions and design of the ST600.

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Take Beautiful Pictures With 'Beauty Studio'!



Have you heard about an Android application that easily allows you to take beautiful portraits? Well, Beauty Studio is the answer! Beauty Studio is an application that provides a professional touch with minimum effort. Beauty Studio is an Android phone application that allows you to experience Beauty Shot and is part of the Smart Filter on certain Samsung cameras…

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Discover the hidden 1.8" Dual LCD Samsung ST100


Mirrorless and hybrid cameras are becoming the leading cameras in the market today. But, DSLR cameras still have value, as well as compact digital cameras are also doing okay in the market. When it comes to Samsung…

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The perfect self shots with the Samsung ST600

Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. has provided the author of this review with the mentioned digital imaging device. 1) 1.8″ Front LCD The perfect self shots with the Samsung ST600 When travelling, I sometimes want a photo of myself, and fell awkward asking someone to take my picture but with the ST600 I can easily take a self shot. With other cameras you have to worry about making sure your face is…

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Awaiting the Springtime



A new year has begun with fresh resolutions. Here we go, the second month of the year, and my heart is already turning towards a new season. It’s yet freezing outside, but I got motivated to go out for a bike riding. Fortunately, I had a good whether with mild temperatures…

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2View Class How to Set the Smart Filter



What is a Smart Filter? It is a function embedded in the camera allowing users to create a variety of interesting pictures without having to use editing programs such as Photoshop. It is highly popular among users as it adds a unique touch to the photo with simple manipulation. Let’s take a closer look…

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