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Real Interest from Real People: Samsung Imaging Booth Interview at CES 2012



CES 2012 was held from Jan 10th to Jan 13th in Las Vegas and we have delivered the latest news and updates on the innovative Samsung products. Today I’m back again to share with you the highlights of the interview from visitors at Samsung Imaging Booth at CES. Many spectators visited the Samsung Imaging to Booth to witness the latest in Imaging technology. We had the chance to talk to them about what attracted their attention and they were…

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Samsung Launches Strong Camcorder Lineup with Innovative Features


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has announced the launch of the New Camcorders as follows: VF20, QF20, F80, & W300, at Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas. CES is a major technology-related trade show held each January in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, United States. Let’s look over on new Samsung Camcorders!

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Happy Christmas with the Samsung Camcorder!


How did you spend your Christmas before? Did you celebrate by decorating a Christmas tree in the living room or at work, shopping for people around you, gathering to exchange presents, or something else? Do you remember what you did this past Christmas? Today, I want to introduce ┬áthe Samsung camcorders SMX-F70 and HMX-Q10. With these camcorders…

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Capture the Best Moments in Life with the Samsung HMX-Q10



As a left-handed person, I experienced some frivolous struggles in life, such as bumping into a right-handed person on my left while eating or making smudges on the paper while I’m writing. Thanks to the Samsung HMX-Q10 camcorder and its Switch Grip, I have one less thing to worry as a lefty and can capture my favorite memories without any hassles. Despite my personal advantages of using this great gadget…

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The HMX-Q10 and Genie UX won the 2011 IDEA!



At the 2011 IDEA(International Design Excellence Awards), Samsung the HMX-Q10 won the silver prize, and the Genie UX won the bronze prize on July 1st. The HMX-Q10 is Samsung’s flagship camcorder offering the world’s first Switch Grip that left- and right-handed users can enjoy as an easy video experience. The Genie UX is camera’s all in one layer that almost all tasks are covered in Genie layer…

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The First Switch Grip Camcorder HMX-Q10's Microsite Unveiled!



Samsung has launched the microsite of HMX-Q10, the first ever Switch Grip camcorder that’s light, affordable and easy to use. A camcorder which lets you record just right even if you are a lefty! Let’s take a closer look at the microsite.

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Even if you're a lefty, it records just right!



Even if you’re a lefty, it records just right Ever since its birth, camcorders spent most of their life (when turned on) on the right hand of the user. There is no exception- whether it’s expensive or affordable, black or white. If death and tax is inevitable for human beings, the right hand is for camcorders. However, you don’t need to be boxer to be adroit lefty and using the…

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