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Sinostory 9: Adult Entertainment


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.  has provided the author of this article with the mentioned digital imaging device. Images of senior aged Chinese people practicing Tai Chi in the early morning has become a staple illustration of modern lifestyle and historical culture, if not a cliche element of Chinese tourism marketing. Health and fitness are certainly important to the aging generation, but is not limited to Tai Chi or dragon dances…

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Sino Story 8: Forbidden


Anyone who plans to visit China certainly wants to make a trip to the Forbidden City. In fact, a visit to Beijing’s Forbidden City and the nearby Great Wall are considered to be a pilgrimage necessary within the lifetime of most Chinese, despite their economic or social status…

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Sino Story 7: Nanjing, Xuan Wu Lake


Just around the corner from Nanjing’s bustling Hunan Road is one of Nanjing’s most beautiful natural attractions the Xuan Wu Lake (Chinese: çŽ„æ­ æ¹– Xuan Wu Hu). This large lake divides Nanjing’s…


South Africa – From Cape Town to Winelands


My group has decided to spend a day in the wine valley to discover how the good South African wine is produced. From Cape Town we went to Stellenbosch, situated about 50 kilometers east. It is the second oldest European settlement in the Western Cape province. The South African wine industry produces about 1,000,000,000 litres of wine annually. Stellenbosch is the primary location for viticulture and viticulture research…

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Samsung's 2View Camera: Two Screens, Twice the Fun (Videos)



Have you experienced Samsung‘s 2View camera yet? Because of the front LCD, users do not need to spend all their efforts going from behind the camera to making sure they are a part of the picture.   Chompoo Araya Hargate, one of Thailand’s most beloved models, talks about the 2View’s inspiring functions in the TV commercial. Let’s watch the following videos about the 2View cameras:   ST600 commercial – TV…

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South Africa – Cape Town


Samsung Electronics has provided the author of this article with the mentioned digital imaging device. I’ve just started work in a new architecture practice and suddenly I travelled to South Africa for a short period of work! The mission was discover how the FIFA WORLD CUP is organized, how the city is transformed just for 4 weeks…why the South Africans had been so proud to host this big event… Samsung…

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Prague, My Spiritual Journey


Since I know for myself, I’ve always dreamed of seeing Berlin, Prague and New York. In July I finally got chance to see Prague. If I were a classic tourist I’d say that Prague is the best and most beautiful city. But I am not. The city is so pretty that you have a feeling it is painted. I have to say that I’ve enjoyed in Prague on some other level…

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