Teleportation with Cameras

    Have you ever seen the French movie ‘La Boum’? One of the best scenes in the movie takes place in a crowded club. The main character surreptitiously slips his headphones over his girlfriend’s ears from behind. She turns, eyes meet, cue embrace. What makes the scene so romantic is the transformation of a wild, noisy party into a place of shared sound, where only the two of them exist.

    The same can be true of photography. If you lower the volume of the background noise and highlight the subjects, you can create pictures that really pop.

    EX2Fㅣ1/250sㅣf/1.4ㅣ24 mmㅣISO 80The space this romantic couple shares is crystal clear
    EX2Fㅣ1/250sㅣf/1.4ㅣ24 mmㅣISO 80

    In this case, think of the “volume” in your photographs as focus. What, then, is focus? Focusing techniques, hone and blur the subject and background, turning an otherwise ordinary photograph into something completely different, teleporting subjects into another space altogether.

    EX2Fㅣ1/30sㅣf/1.4ㅣ24 mmㅣISO 80Lowering the ‘volume’ of the background make the colored pencils look more three-dimensional
    EX2Fㅣ1/30sㅣf/1.4ㅣ24 mmㅣISO 80

    Focusing techniques vary. You can sharpen or blur the picture as a whole. Or one of the most popular techniques is called “shallow focusing”, which is designed to make only the main subject sharp. You can make the main subject stand out dramatically from its surroundings by softening the background.

    EX2Fㅣ1/500sㅣf/1.5ㅣ24 mmㅣISO 100The power of shallow focusing lies in drawing a clear line between what should be focused on and what shouldn’t.
    EX2Fㅣ1/500sㅣf/1.5ㅣ24 mmㅣISO 100

    EX2Fㅣ1/20sㅣf/1.4ㅣ24 mmㅣISO 400Trees in the background are, in fact, bigger than red berries in the front,
    but shallow focusing makes the red stand out from its
    EX2Fㅣ1/20sㅣf/1.4ㅣ24 mmㅣISO 400

    The basic way to produce the shallow focusing effect is to use a telephoto lens and open an aperture. But, there’s a simpler way. Just press the shutter of a compact camera like the Samsung EX2F halfway. Then the final image appears shallow focusing.

    EX2Fㅣ1/180sㅣf/1.4ㅣ24 mmㅣISO 80Cute mushrooms in a green field.
    EX2Fㅣ1/180sㅣf/1.4ㅣ24 mmㅣISO 80

    EX2Fㅣ1/500sㅣf/1.4ㅣ24 mmㅣISO 80The pink flower in this picture stands out as if it is taken with a macro lens
    EX2Fㅣ1/500sㅣf/1.4ㅣ24 mmㅣISO 80

    In La Boum, the noises surrounding the main characters are effectively quieted, highlighting the intimacy of the scene. There is a ’teleported’ feel. You too can create the same experience with the shallow focusing. It’s only a half-shutter away.


shubh keshwala Says:

November 16, 2012 at 6:03 am

so nice and beautiful


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    Thanks for your comment!


    Jodie Says:

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    I hope you get a lot of great photos!


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