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    The A-Z Photo Project brings the alphabet to life in your world

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    Photography projects are a great way to boost creativity and give yourself a new perspective on the world around you. Now that compact digital cameras like the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000 have become more affordable and readily available, it is easy to integrate photography into your daily life and bring cameras with you everywhere you go.

    The A-Z Photo Project
    The A-Z project is a fun, albeit challenging, way to open your eyes to your surroundings and find new photo opportunities you otherwise may not have captured. The main premise behind A-Z is to work your way through the alphabet by taking pictures. As this project grows in popularity, photographers are creating new variations to keep things interesting. Some of the most popular include:

    - Take a picture of things that begin with each letter, like a house for the letter H or a cup for the letter C
    - Take a picture of objects that resemble the letter, like a S-Biner Carabiner for the letter S or a traffic barrier that has sides shaped like the letter A
    - Take a picture of a feeling that begins with each letter, like F for a child who is running fast or Q for a spouse who is sleeping quietly
    - Take a picture of letters occurring in real life, like the P on a stop sign or R on a restaurant sign

    Many amateur photographers choose to begin this project because unlike other popular photography projects, it does not have a strict time limit. You will snap images as you see them, rather than having to shoot one image each day (The 365 Project) or each week (The 52 Weeks Project). Discovery, instead of meeting a quota, will be the main idea keeping you motivated in the A-Z project.

    Things to consider
    Before you choose to embark on this photographic journey, Digital Photography School suggests considering the following ideas:

    1. Are you going to share your work? – Now that Samsung SMART CAMERAS make shooting, editing and sharing simple and foolproof, it is easy to share your pictures with the people you care about. However, some photographers have a very personal connection to their work and would rather keep it personal. Before you start your A-Z project, think about whether you will share your work as it happens, when it is finished, or not at all. The decision is yours!

    2. What is your intended goal? – Photography projects are undertaken to enhance your knowledge of the craft and can often yield unexpectedly inspiring images. Before you start your A-Z project, set a goal for  what you will do when you capture your last shot. Some photographers will aim high and try to display their work in an exhibition, while others will print all – or their favorite – photographs in the set to hang in their home. If you don’t want to display your work, consider printing it as a calendar or photo book to commemorate your effort.

    3. What is your timeline? – Although the A-Z Project does not have rigid time restraints like other projects, setting a loose timeline will help you stay on track. With everything that we need to remember on a day to day basis, photography projects often fall by the wayside if there is no set end date for completion. Whether you choose to give yourself three weeks, six months or one year to complete your project, a set timeline can provide the discipline you need to reach your goal.

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