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    Tokyo Essay – Night view in Tokyo


    Already the 7th posting! At the beginning, to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure if I could make it through the regular posting. Fortunately enough, I think I am doing quite well~ :-) As mentioned in the last posting, I planned to share editing tips to make interesting photos. However, due to an unexpected turn of events, I shifted the schedule a bit. Instead, let me take you through Tokyo through photos today. An unexpected trip! A little present in my ordinary life. Curious about what lies ahead? ( I hope ) Come on, join me in a little walk through Tokyo through the lens of WB500(HZ10W).

    I boarded the plane looking forward to the white cherry blossoms decorating the whole Tokyo. But I guess I was a little late. Couldn’t see the much hoped for sun-shower either.. I guess I had my dreams to high” : ( The pompous cherry blossoms decorating the park were nowhere to be seen” Sad to see the flowers fade, people were trying to capture the last of the flowers before they shed, and so was Ca’em. WB500485JAPAN_E

    The sun, growing ever so brightly, seemed to emphasize my sad feelings! However, Tokyo had in store a different fun for me! I hopped on the subway to go to Odaiba, which offers a spectacular bird’s eyes view of Tokyo.wb50028japan

    Families, , couples and tourists were sitting on the terrace enjoying the sunset. One of the beauties of taking a camera with you is the ability to sympathize with those taking pictures, regardless of age. A gentleman taking pictures of the sunset. He shows his pictures and casually smiles at me. Seems like he knew that I was not Japanese. He thankfully volunteered to become the novice Ca’em’s teacher for a day, well, for a few minutes. The beautiful night scenery left me glued to the site for a good long time.WB50042JAPAN

    SAMSUNG WB500/HZ10W 0.7s l 5.8F l ISO 100 ,  l 22.5mm

    Without a tripod, Ca’em was forced to madly press away the camera button in a desperate effort to capture Tokyo’s night scene. Make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake” : ( ,  Night photography is fun because you are able to play around with light. Set the shutter speed at 1/1.5s and draw a circle in anti clockwise direction with the camera to give a ring shape to the lights. You can also try shaking the camera to the sides. You can see that the subjects with wider width express better than the flat ones. Night photography is difficult to control with ordinary DSLR cameras because the light blurs at the slightest shake. The compact, yet imposing body of WB500(HZ10W) helps to alleviate the concern. Ca’em head over heels for WB500(HZ10Z)..? Maybe.. ;-) WB50041JAPAN

    SAMSUNG WB500/HZ10W 0.7s l 5.1F l ISO 80 ,  l 12.2mm WB50032JAPAN

    SAMSUNG WB500/HZ10W 0.7s l 5.3F l ISO 100 ,  l 14.2mm

    The breath-taking night view of Tokyo continues well into Asakusa, one of the representative shrines in Japan. A short walk in the shrine after a late dinner. Bright lights lighting up the streets of Asakusa as if forgotten about time. WB500292JAPAN ,  ,  , 

    SAMSUNG WB500/HZ10W 1/15s l 3.7F l ISO 200 ,  l 5.6mm WB500324JAPAN(Program AE)

    SAMSUNG WB500/HZ10W 1/15s l 4.5F l ISO 800 ,  l 9.0mmWB500336JAPAN (Program AE)

    SAMSUNG WB500/HZ10W 1/15s l 3.3F l ISO 640 ,  l 9.0mm (Program AE)WB500340JAPAN

    Lights put out around midnight.


    ,  ,  ,  ,  1/8s l 3.3F l ISO 200 ,  l 4.3mm ,  ,  ,  Manual Mode ,  ,  ,  , 

    WB500(HZ10w) provides 7 different photo styles. Various effects help to add charm to the photos. To experiment the effects during night time, I tried out using pagoda as the subject. This time again, “‘Classic’ mode – colorless, but in vivid contrast with the night sky – scores. Which is your favorite?WB500485JAPAN_E4

    I feel a little bad for excusing myself to go on a trip and not posting useful tips for night photography. But, night scene is not unique to Tokyo! I’ll deep dive into the subject next time.

    Japan, the , world of characters! ,  Here are a few photos that provide a glimpse of the various different faces of Tokyo filled with unique illustrations in wayfinding signs, decks and building signs.

    , # Time itself seemed still there – KawagoeWB500485JAPAN_E5

    , # The Cat ReturnsWB500485JAPAN_E7

    # Step on Tokyo WB500485JAPAN_E8

    So far, it’s Ca’em. See you next time ~! , 


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    All photos, above, have been shot with the Samsung WB500(HZ10W), which has been provided by Samsung  Electronics Co., Ltd.

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