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Tommy & Tiky:FAQ – Intelli studio Friendly


Today, we’re going to talk a broad look at intelli-studio. Questions regarding how to use intelli-studio often come up on YouTube and other blog. Let’s use the questions below to solve the curiosity on intelli-studio.



Most of the questions are about difficulties on getting the program appear automatically. If you connect the USB cable when the power is on, results similar to the ones mentioned above appear occasionally because the computer does not recognize it. Go back to the basics – turn on the power after connecting the USB cable.

Now, let’s learn more about intelli-studio.

Intelli-studio is an editing program installed in products released in the second half of the year 2009. Without separate installation process, the program automatically pops up when the USB cable is connected to the PC. This built-in software “‘intelli-studio’ is installed in products after SMX-C10 in camcorders and from 2view camera ST550(TL225) line in cameras. Please refer to the product model below.

Intelli-studio is installed in products

C20_red_R45_open-330 <SMX-C20>

* Camcorder built in intelli-studio: SMX-C10, C14, HMX-R10, HMX-H106, SMX-F45 etc.



* Camera built in intelli-studio: ST550, ST500, ST1000, WB650 etc.

You can basically edit images and videos with this program. It is designed in such a way to assist ordinary people who are not experts to create videos easily. In addition, intelli-studio has a function to share on YouTube and flickr. For videos, you have to be careful to edit to fit the file format, size and running time of different websites. Let’s take 2 representative sites that support HD as an example.

In case of YouTube, the maximum file size it supports is 2GB within 10 minutes. In case of Vimeo, it is 500MB/week and has no time limit. Vimeo which supports high-definition, is attractive due to the fact that there’s no restriction on time.

One moment here! Samsung camera and camcorders supports H.264 codec so you can edit video files on sony vegas, iMac, window movie maker in addition to intelli-studio.

Below, you can find a video on how to use Intelli-studio. Tiky will take you through the video – sound familiar? :))

Learn from Tiky! How to use Intelli-studio!

User review video

Please refer to the following category if you want to find out more about video editing on Intelli-studio.

# Category: Tiky&Tommy: Intelli-studio

As above, it is common for us to upload our video on YouTube. If so what are the products that can upload on to YouTube directly from the product without editing it? Let’s find out about “‘YouTube Friendly’ Samsung products.



* YouTube Friendly Camcorder

High Definition Camcorder


Standard Definition Camcorder

SC-MX20/ SMX-C10,C14/ SMX-F33,F34/ SMX-C20,C24

* YouTube Friendly Camera(with GPS)

ST1000, ST5500(CL80)

You can upload on YouTube via USB cables with camcorders, while with cameras, you can send videos and images directly if wi-fi is available.

The upgraded intelli-studio 2.0 of 2010 allows you to edit your video in a better environment. Hope you have fun creating a variety of high quality contents using this program!

Comments (35)

  • osir says:

    useful info, as for me I use for editing video Vidcrop PRO (

  • guille says:

    Hi redbe. Nice article. Can you help me with a question about Intelli-Studio 2.0?
    I have a SMX-C10 with Intelli-Studio installed in the camcorder. In the past i remember to check manually for updates and receive an “nothing new” message. A week ago i made a manual check and receive an “Cannot check update information due to network error” message.
    My home network Internet access is fine, there is no firewall restrictions to the program and even i tested it on another network. Same message.
    Now i read from you Intelli-Studio is over version 2.0!
    Maybe you know if there is a problem with the update servers, a restriction to update from version 1.X or something else.
    Heard something about it?
    Any help is appreciated.

  • redbe says:

    Hi, guille! Sorry for the inconvenient! I did check the problem. Some trouble temporarily happens on that program, I guess. It will be back to normal soon. I’ll email to you after I get any answer. Please leave your email address. Thanks.

  • guille says:

    Thanks redbe, after sending the message i was able to capture and decode the internet data packets and find that the problem is that the original update server address ( is saying the new updated address should be
    As the 1.x version has this address fixed it can’t locate the updated.
    With this i was able to locate and download the version. Perhaps the automatic update from 1.x to this version was disabled because when the new version is installed over the 1.x there is a problem with editing movies: apparently the new version don’t overwrite some of the old program dll’s.
    The problem is solved uninstalling and reinstalling from zero.
    While it works,this is not as direct as an automatic update, and there is this little nuance as the old 1.x version is not updated inside the camera disk.
    Thanks again for checking and when the situation resolves it would be nice to know.

    Saludos from Costa Rica

  • caroline says:

    I cannot get the trim to work. I move the orange markers to either side of the part I want to delete, I clip on the sissors that say remove. Nothing happens. How are the brackets used [].
    Additionally the program keeps crashing. I am running windows 7 on a new toshiba laptop.

    • tiky says:

      Hello. caroline.
      When you remove a part of video, the video is devided two parts (front and back).
      If you don’t see anything like that, we recommend having after-sales service.
      ‘bracket’ is the function moving trimming marker until the position you currently watch.
      when you click ‘]’, Intelli studio must work like this (
      And about the program, we suspect that some of your computer program might conflict with ‘Intelli-studio’.
      There are too many possibilities between the condition of computer and programs. We apologize for unclear answer.
      Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

  • Steph says:

    Thank you so much for offering up this help! Your video is great.


    Can I add photos into my videos?

  • Jim says:


    Anyone seeing difficulty with intelli-studio completely hanging your computer? I have a WB2000, and now when I connect it to my usb port, my computer computer completely hangs (and I power the camera up AFTER connecting it…so that isn’t the issue). The first 2 times I downloaded pics and videos, it worked ok, now it does not…any thoughts?

    I have to hard reboot the computer, I can’t even use task manager to restart it….



  • Jim says:

    OK, ignore my last comment….turns out that my computer hangs with ANY usb stick….just a coincidence that it happened shortly after I got the camera…


    • tiky says:

      Hi Jim.
      It’s good to know that the problem solved. Thank you for your reply, and please feel free to visit our blog when you have any problem:)

  • Mile says:

    Can someone give me a link where to download intelli-studio?
    I have a ES15 and lost the CD, and now need help.
    I can’t transfer files to my PC.

  • Amelia says:

    hi, my intelli studio was working for the past couple of days then it said it needed updating so i let it do so, then it stopped working, it comes up as a black box when i try open it and forces itself to close,
    what do i do to get it back to working

    • redbe says:

      Hi, Amelia. Sorry for this late reply. We suspect that some of your computer program might conflict with ‘Intelli-studio’. There are too many possibilities between the condition of computer and programs. We suggest visiting Customer Service center nearby. We will let you knonw the contact info if you tell us where you live. Thanks.

  • Pam says:

    Turning my camera on and off did not work. Restarting my computer did not work. Redoing everything did not work. I *do* have the correct setting on the camera. Once it said it was starting autorun… but I have yet to get the software to load. Can’t I just download it from the internet?

    • redbe says:

      Hi, Pam! We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, downloading intelli studio is not available on the web. We suggest visiting Customer Service center nearby. We will let you knonw the contact info if you tell us where you live. Thanks

  • Amelia says:

    i live in liverpool, england

  • Amelia says:

    now i have been filming with the camera but when i plug it in it says it needs to format, which deletes the stuff, i formatted once losing my stuff, filmed again, and then it wanted to format again, so i clicked cancel so i dont get my stuff deleted how to i make it stop saying format

  • Forest says:

    Hi I uploaded my video in the intelli-studio program and when I press play the picture freezes and the sound keeps going. Just wondering if this is normal before you edit or maybe I can download something to help it work. I downloaded direct x and it still won’t play properly. Thanks.

    • MARTA says:

      Hi Forest
      Sorry for the delay in replying.
      We apologize that you have a problem.
      Since we do not know the exact problem, so it is necessary to visit customer service center.
      Thank you.

  • cscs says:

    hi, i’m running intelli-studio on win7 but i can’t get to work the slideshow/view picture part. it says i need to install the latest flash player. but i have. uninstalled it, installed it back on. no help. unistalled intelli studio, intalled it back on. no help. any idea?

    • MARTA says:

      Hi cscs
      We suspect that some of your computer program might conflict with ‘Intelli-studio’.
      There are too many possibilities between the condition of computer and programs.
      We suggest visiting Customer Service center nearby.
      We will let you knonw the contact number if you tell us where you live. Thanks

  • Lauren says:

    I have a question…When I download my videos from the camera, I can play those videos back with not problem, the sound and the pictures are in sync, but when I go to edit the video and put a few together, it is choppy. It stops and starts and stops and starts. The sound is normal, but the video is choppy. Any ideas?

  • Lauren says:

    I am sorry…I just went back to check, the voice is choppy as well

    • redbe says:

      @Lauren Hi, Lauren! We apologize for the inconvenience you’re experiencing. There can be various reasons for the cause of the problem and it’s hard for us to tell you the solution right away. If you could let us know
      where you live, you’ll guide you to the nearest customer service center. Thanks. :)

  • Kim says:

    I’m trying to work my way through converting quite a bit of video we’ve accumulated, but I haven’t found a way to convert into a format that will be playable on a regular DVD player…or am I just missing it? Any help would be so much appreciated. This process has been somewhat frustrating, and yesterday when I started the conversion process to combine three different clips into one movie (selecting general movie format), it took nearly 5 hours for a 35 minute movie…and then it was not playable on my DVD player hooked up to my TV. This is WAY TOO HARD. HELP!!!!!

    • tiky says:

      Hi. Kim
      We apologize for the inconvenience.
      Unfortunately, Intelli-studio doesn’t support the format available with DVD player.
      We suggest using another authoring tool.
      Thank you.

  • NewShooter says:

    I am having difficulties with Intelli-studio ver.
    My Ooerating System is 64-bit Vista.
    I am trying to edit video and add video clips together. I am able to edit video start/end but the Movie/Edit button will not work. The photo edit button functions but the movie/edit button does nothing. Weird, it worked last night but not today. If I select a file to edit and try to use the add button it will not allow me to drag and drop the file into the next position. I have the latest updates…? Also, at the top of the window it says…Intelli-studio Light…what does light mean?

    • tiky says:

      Hi. NewShooter.
      We apologize for the inconvenience.
      We suspect that some of your computer program might conflict with ‘Intelli-studio’.
      There are too many possibilities between the condition of computer and programs.
      Have you recently set programs?
      If you haven’t, we suggest visiting Customer Service center nearby.
      We will let you knonw the contact number if you tell us where you live.

      Intelli-studio ‘light’ is just the new name of Intelli-studio with version update.
      There’s no restrictions on the functions.
      Please don’t hesitate to ask whenever you have questions.

  • Shoeb S says:

    hi! just wanted to know if there was any way i can update my camera firmware through intellistudio in offline mode- because i already downloaded the firmware files from samsung- i dont want to download them again.

    • tiky says:

      Hi. Shoeb S.
      Thank you for using Samsung camera.
      Please move the firmware files to SD card, and run your camera with the SD card.
      The window would be popped up and automatically updated when you click yes.
      Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.
      Thank you.

  • Lucy says:

    hi, when i try to upload a video to youtube it always says failed to log in and i haven’t even logged in! please can you help ASAP! thankyou

    • tiky says:

      Hi, Lucy
      Sorry for your inconvenience.
      Could you let us know what it exactly says when it fails to log in?
      Thank you.

  • scott says:

    whenever i try to upload audio to the video i making it says built in audio cant read or something and it dosent accept it.

    • tiky says:

      Hi scott.
      Sorry for your inconvenience.
      Could you let us know what it exactly says?

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