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    White Balance Bracketing on the NX300

    The slightest shift in color may determine if you want to delete or keep the photo you’ve just taken. Balancing your color tone is a tedious job and you may not always end up with the color tone you like, even with the remarkable automatic white balance on the NX300 . Knowing which color tone best fits your image is important, and sometimes it’s difficult to make an intuitive decision when you have only one color tone to work with. That’s why the NX300 has the White Balance Bracket option. This option lets the user have three color tones for each image taken. 

    I used to work at a photo lab 10 years ago when film was still widely used for photos. My job was to neutralize images with the “correct” white balance as efficiently as possible. I first had to print three color variations of the image embedded on the film, then I would choose one of the three and make slight adjustments–subtracting cyan, magenta, yellow, or black. I wasted a lot of paper trying to find the right tone back then, but the balance bracket mode on the NX300 makes it a whole lot painless. When shooting in this mode, the camera automatically shoots one “original” image, one cool tone, and one warm tone. Approaching an image with three color variations will help you get the most out of your photos.

    Drastic color shifts occur when taking subjects with a lot of white and blue, such as clouds, buildings, and interiors.

    Here are a few examples: left-cool, middle-original, right-warm

    NX300 | 1/25s | F5.6 | ISO 100| 55mm

    NX300 | 1/10 | F4.5 | ISO 800| 18mm

    NX300 | 1/100 | F3.5 | ISO 800| 18mm

    NX300 | 1/60 | F4.0 | ISO 800| 29mm

    NX300 | 1/500 | F10 | ISO 800| 45mm

    NX300 | 1/800 | F11 | ISO 800| 55mm

    NX300 | 1/160 | F5.0 | ISO 100| 33mm

    NX300 | 1/500 | F8 | ISO 800| 18mm

    I personally feel that white balance is one of the key element to a great photo. Finding the neutral tone to your photo is like finding the starting point to your image. Whether you want the image to look warm, cool, hot, or cold is a choice but fundamentals are a must and white balance is definitely one of them.

    NX300 | 1/120s | F5.0 | ISO 100| 29mm

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